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Pluginboutique is running a massive 80% OFF deal on the versatile Space Strip multi-effect VST/AU/AAX plugin by AudioThing. The offer ends on July 16th, 2017.

Space Strip is a multi-effect plugin with six unique FX modules: contour, vibe, slapback (echo), ambiance, ensemble (chorus), and stereo. The modules can be arranged in any order using simple drag and drop controls. The included spatial effects sound natural and lush on their own, but you’ll get the best results by mixing several effect modules together to add a sense of depth and width to your audio without going overboard. Another positive aspect of Space Strip is that it’s optimized for extremely low CPU usage which is quite an unusual feature when it comes to reverb/spatial plugins.

The list price of $65 might be considered somewhat steep, but at $13 (80% OFF), Space Strip is an absolute steal. For the price, you’re getting a very nice lineup of echo, reverb, and modulation effects packed in a single plugin which sounds very good and doesn’t impact your digital audio workstation’s performance too much. On top of that, the user interface is very streamlined and easy to use, with no more than three control parameters per effect module. Some users would definitely prefer to have more hands-on control over the sound of the unit, but the simplified control scheme definitely helps with speeding up the workflow.

Space Strip includes all the goodies that we’re used to seeing in AudioThing products, such as the built-in preset manager, parameter randomization, and a nice set of factory presets to get you started. Each effect module includes a bypass switch at the bottom to help users save even more CPU cycles when certain modules are not in use.

Please note that the 80% OFF deal on Space Strip ends on July 16th this year, so act fast if you want to grab the plugin at this bargain price. You’ll find plenty more deals on music making software and plugins on Pluginboutique’s Deals page.

More info: Space Strip @ Pluginboutique (80% OFF until July 16th)

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