50 Free Acidlab Miami Drum Machine Samples By Wave Alchemy


Wave Alchemy has released Miami Tape, a free Acidlab Miami drum machine sample pack featuring 50 high-quality drum sounds in 24-bit WAV format.

Acidlab Miami is an authentic sounding clone of the legendary TR-808 drum machine by Roland. Its sounds do indeed get very close the original 808 drum hits, with a couple of enhancements such as the extended kick drum decay range and added kick drum thump. Miami is also quite a bit cheaper than a second-hand TR-808, costing around $800 brand new. That’s still a lot of cash, though, so for those of us who prefer spending money on food, electricity, and an occasional VST plugin here and there, the kind folks at Wave Alchemy have prepared a great sounding and completely free Acidlab Miami sample pack.

The sample pack contains 50 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format. Every drum sound has been sampled multiple times with different decay and pitch settings, so there are seven kick drum samples, six snares, four claps, etc. The included samples sound very good (as is expected from a Wave Alchemy release) and provide an interesting alternative to regular 808 drum hits. The pack doesn’t include any sampler patches, unfortunately. However, the samples are clearly labeled by type, which should make it easier to load the sounds in a sampler manually.

On a related note, Wave Alchemy has launched an up to 50% OFF sale on their website, including no-brainer deals on sample libraries like Tech House, Mainroom Techno, Afro-Latin Percussion, as well as the popular Spectrum Synthesizer for Kontakt. The sale ends on July 16th this year.

Miami Tape is available for free download via WeTransfer (5.63 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 50 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format).

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