Mind The Gap Is A Free Delay AU Plugin By Luke Zeitlin


Luke Zeitlin has released Mind The Gap, a freeware pitched delay effect in AU plugin format for Mac-based digital audio workstations.

Mind The Gap is a useful little delay stereo delay plugin with pitch shifting and filtering features. It offers a delay range of 1/32 note to 4 bars in tempo mode and 2-400ms in standard mode. Although I don’t use ms-based delay very often (as opposed to host-synced delay), I think that a bigger range in that mode would be more helpful.

The plugin also offers high-pass and low-pass filtering options as well as a stereo ping-pong mode. Complete with a dry/wet knob, it reminds me very much of Waves H-Delay in its functionality and layout. There is also a feature called “Smooth” which I am unsure the function of (unfortunately, the developer hasn’t yet published a user manual), but I think I notice a little difference in tone with the dial turned all the way up.

Similar to H-Delay by Waves, Mind The Gap simulates tape delay meaning that as you change the delay time the pitch will temporarily warp. While this may well be an effect you find desirable, be aware that, if you automate the delay time throughout your session, there will be pitch warping happening.

Overall, I do like the look and function of Mind The Gap, but I would love to see some grit/saturation toggling or another unique feature which would convince me to use this over the slew of other delay plug-ins I have. Zeitlin is the author of several other free plugins on his site including a circle of fifths chord generator and a music calculator for converting Hz, BPM, and tuning frequencies.

Mind The Gap is available for free download via Luke Zeitlin’s website (2.8 MB download size, DMG file, 64-bit AU plugin format for Mac OS).

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Ben Bishop is a music producer based out of Nashville, TN. He works with many local artists in the pop/indie world and has a recording studio in East Nashville.


  1. I really like this plugin, cleaner sounding than iZotopes DDLY, with good control over the definition of the regeneration using the filters/cutoff. – The ping-pong effect seems a little extreme, but not being a big fan of ping-pong style effects this doesn’t bother me.

    Overall a really great sounding plug, -good to have something a little cleaner than H-Delay and DDLY.
    Sounds fantastic on TR cymbals and hats.

    Also, very generous of the designer to be giving it away for free. – Many Thanks, E

  2. Thanks for posting and reviewing this Ben. I found this page through google analytics because it has generated more referrals to my website than anywhere else, so thanks for that!

    The smooth parameter adjusts the amount of crossfade with the repitched buffer content when the pitch delay length is changed. A low smooth-level will allow you to make crisper re-pitching at very short delay lengths, but you risk introducing a bit of noise. I wanted to leave this choice in the hands of the user, although I’d generally recommend having it at around 9 to 10 o’clock depending on the material.

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