Waves AudioTrack Is FREE For All Reason 9.5 Users Until July 31st!


Propellerhead Software and Waves have teamed up to make the AudioTrack plugin by Waves available as a completely free download for Reason 9.5 users until the 31st of July.

AudioTrack ($25 regular price) is a multi-functional channel strip plugin featuring equalization, compression, and gating effects in a single unit which is optimized for low CPU consumption. The plugin can be used as a starting point when you are setting up your channels for recording or mixing, without piling on a whole bunch of plugins to get the same functionality. This type of workflow can be especially handy if you are working with large arrangements with plenty of different synths, samplers, and live tracks running simultaneously, and you need to conserve the available CPU resources.

The plugin itself is a simple affair, with a single UI panel designed in classic Waves fashion. The interface features (from left to right) an input fader to set the input level into the plugin, a 4-band parametric EQ, a compressor, and a noise gate section with the usual threshold, ratio, attack, and release controls. A set of indicators next to the settings section allows you to monitor the compression and gate modules, as well as make quick changes to the compressor and gate threshold parameters using the two triangle-shaped indicators on the meters. Finally, there is the output level fader, which controls the output volume of the plugin.

As far as one-stop channel strip plugins go, Waves has made a winner here, and the fact that it is being offered as a freebie for Reason 9.5 users makes this download a bit of a no-brainer. Please note that you’ll need to login to your Propellerhead Shop user account to download the plugin. What’s particularly interesting, though, is that this version of AudioTrack isn’t limited to use in Propellerhead Reason. You can load it in any VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plugin host, but you do need to be a Reason 9.5 owner in order to qualify for the free download offer.

AudioTrack is available for free download in the Propellerhead Shop (the free download offer expires on July 31st, 2017).

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  1. Be aware, that waves current business model is what I call “RansomWare” Subscription based support, which means if you use their plugins, you’ll lose them in 12 months if you upgrade your system and they aren’t supported, or you’ll have to pay the subscription (ransom) fee to get them to work again.

    All of this ON TOP of paying for them in the first place.

    So even a free plugin may be useless to people in 12 months time unless you pay… So avoid using waves on long term projects if you don’t want to lose your work with them, or pay the subscription.

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