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Time+Space is offering TH3 Free Edition, a free feature-limited version of Overloud’s flagship guitar effects suite in VST/AU/AAX/RTAS and standalone formats for PC and Mac. Please note that this exclusive offer is only available until August 14th.

TH3 Free Edition includes three guitar amp models (Darkface ’65 US, Modern US Ch3, Overloud Rhythm), three guitar cabinet models (1×12 CLS UK, 2×12 OB Green UK, 4×12 Modern US), four pedal and rack effects (Tube Nine, CHR-2, D-Reverb, UniVibrato), two microphone models, room simulation, and 15 setup presets from the full version of Overloud TH3. It features the same user interface as the full version of the product, with intuitive controls and manual 3D positioning of the microphones (up to four microphones can be used on a single cabinet). The guitar amp and pedal algorithms are based on Overloud’s 4th generation analog emulation technology which emulates the nonlinearities of analog gear in full detail. The cabinet models are based on ReSPiRe 2 technology.

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The user interface is fully resizable with adjustable zoom level for the gear setup view. Mixing and matching different gear elements is easy thanks to the intuitive drag and drop controls and drop-down menus. The fifteen factory presets that come with TH3 Free Edition are good enough to show what can be done with the software, but I’m pretty sure that the majority of users will prefer building their custom FX chain from scratch. The included guitar cabs and amps sound very good and offer plenty of versatility for achieving different tones. The included effects are less interesting and I’d probably place third party VST plugins in front of TH3 Free Edition instead. For example, if you’re looking for a freeware delay effect for your guitar rig, why not check out the recently released HY-Delay3 Free by HY-Plugins?

Apart from the most important features mentioned above, TH3 Free Edition comes with a built-in guitar tuner and full MIDI implementation for controlling the virtual effects with external gear. It also includes a looper and a signal splitter for building parallel processing setups with multiple amps and cabs.

TH3 Free Edition was produced as an exclusive free product for Time+Space. Although it comes with a reduced feature set compared to the full version of TH3, the Free Edition is a fully functional product without any demo or trial limitations. If you want more features, check out TH3 Full ($299) which contains 69 guitar amplifiers and three bass amplifiers, 35 guitar cabinets and two bass cabinets, as well as a total of 75 pedal and rack effects.

Please note that you’ll need to register a user account and complete the checkout process at Time+Space (valid email address required) to download your copy of TH3 Free Edition. After checkout, you will receive an email containing your installer download key for the Continuata Connect download manager. The email also includes a link to the manual download of the plugin installer for users who prefer not to use the Connect app (the manual download speed is slower).

TH3 Free Edition is available for free download via Time+Space (740 MB download size, RAR archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plug-in formats for Windows & Mac OS, offer ends on August 14th).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. i tested the free models this morning. That dual rectifier is the best-sounding one out of several sims of it i have by various manufacturers… by far! Overloud is doing things right.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I also liked the amps and the cabinets are very good as well. Definitely worth the download while it’s still available.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      I think (not 100% sure) that the free version doesn’t require activation and that it can’t load IRs. Not on my main PC at the moment so I can’t check.

  2. Jesper Rangemo


    Sounds great! I thought i was happy with the ampsims I had, but apparently not. Compared them to others I have. This is my new favourite by far!
    The GUI is great too I think. Nice middleroad between complexity and tweakability and easeofuse, imo.

    Many thanks & love to you guys at BPB!

  3. That is a great freebie for anyone. I really like Overloud’s TH2 and TH3, So much so that I bought a license aswell as the MarkBass Studio software (As I have a good few bits of MarkBass gear, The plugin is really damned close to the real stuff. The secret to MarkBass amp’s awesome sound is their filters (VLE and VPF).
    So essentially they are giving a 7ender blackface twin which is a clean to mild break-up stalwart, Then Drive/Crunch is taken care of via the Overloud custom amp model designed by their team along with a Mesa Rectifier’s Modern/Red channel which covers as much gain as any sane player could ever need especially with the free tube screamer to boost the front-end, Cabs compliment the amp models (2×12 open back with the 7ender, 1×12 closed back with the Overloud custom crunch/drive and the US 4×12 with the Recto as a starting point but all should work with one another just fine if you spend some time getting familar with them. Chorus (based on a Boss CE-2 IIRC), Digital reverb and a Univox/now Dunlop UniVibe-type. The only things for essentials missing for me would be a noise supressor/gate and a delay but won’t be difficult at all to cover either of those, That one Kuassa released isn’t at all bad as far as noise supressor/gate pedals ITB go for example.
    If it doesn’t allow for loading IRs to use in place of the regular respire cab’s then just stick BoogieX 2 or similar after it which is more than capable/one of the best freebies of all time IMextremelyhumblehonestO. YMMV of course. It’s always good to hear about what is available for gratis, This one is a real nice one \m/

    All the best as always :D
    It’s a no brainer for people that do not have TH3 but like the sounds it is capable of

  4. Wasn’t paying attention (sorry!) and didn’t notice the 14th August deadline… However it downloaded fine so I guess still available…

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