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VSTBuzz has launched a 70% OFF deal on Stacker, an innovative drum layering and synthesis VST/AU/AAX plugin by Sample Magic.

Stacker (€29.99 on sale) is a revolutionary drum layering tool which combines the power of sampling and virtual analog synthesis to create state-of-the-art modern drum sounds, vintage drum hits, and cinematic sound effects. The plugin features three sampler slots for creating a perfect mix of up to three sampled sounds with precise 8-point envelopes, phase control, adjustable start point, insert effects, and detailed tuning and pitch controls. The samples are then combined with Stacker’s built-in synthesis engine designed for adding thickness, punch, transients, and a layer of heavy sub bass. The user can control the timing of each layer, avoiding phasing issues and adding a humanized feel to layered sounds, where required. For the ever-important final touch, Stacker features a powerful mixer section with multi-filters, modulation effects, and reverb.

The plugins listed above only scratch the surface on what can be done with Stacker, though. Its intuitive interface and highly specialized sound design tools allow for precise sample manipulation that can’t be performed in most other samplers. Also, parameter automation and macros can be used for adding interest to the generated drum sound or performing highly precise sub bass and transient shaping.

For users who might find Stacker’s powerful sound design tools too complex, Sample Magic has included a library of over 1000 preset sounds, sorted into different categories for easy browsing. The presets are mix-ready for use in your projects, but can also be used as a starting point for further tweaking and sound shaping. They cover a wide range of sounds, from modern EDM drum hits and vintage drum sounds, to sound effects, cinematic hits, and even synth pads.

Stacker is normally priced at €89.99, but you can currently purchase it for just €29.99, exclusively at VSTBuzz. The deal ends in 12 days from now. You might also want to check out the 66% OFF deal on Chris Hein Horns Pro for Kontakt Player.

More info: Sample Magic Stacker @ VSTBuzz (70% OFF)

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