Tracktion 6 (T6 DAW) Digital Audio Workstation Now FREE!


Tracktion Corporation has announced that the award winning Tracktion 6 digital audio workstation for PC, Mac, and Linux is now free to download and use.

T6 DAW ($60 value) was released two years ago, as yet another major upgrade to Tracktion Software’s flagship DAW. The version that was re-released as freeware today isn’t a limited or a “Lite” version of the software. It is the full version of T6, the same one you’d get if you purchased it two years ago.

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Tracktion Corporation has dominated the freeware DAW market since 2015 when they released the Tracktion 4 digital audio workstation as freeware. Due to its commercial-grade feature set and capabilities, Tracktion 4 blew away the competition and was instantly regarded as the best freeware DAW. The same happened when T5 became freeware one year later. Users can now upgrade to T6 completely free of charge and take advantage of its Z-Plane’s Elastique Pro time stretch algorithm, Warp Time audio editing features, and Tracktion’s time correction tool kit.

Often regarded as “The Musician’s DAW”, Tracktion is an efficient, workflow-oriented tool for music production. T6 is one of its finest versions to date with new (at the time) highlight features like dedicated sub-mix and automation tracks, an improved plugin management system, a powerful “super comp” audio compiling tool, and tape-style start/stop effects. It was also the first version of Tracktion to offer access to the Marketplace hub for purchasing and installing expansions, plugins, and other content.

The software is consistently upgraded with new features, following the suggestions and requests from its vast user base. Earlier this year, Tracktion Corporation released a brand new digital audio workstation called Waveform, with an enhanced workflow and user interface.

On a related note, users can upgrade to Waveform for $74.25 (Waveform+ Pack Upgrade, a $99 value) or $112.50 (Waveform Ultimate Pack Upgrade, a $150 value) during the Labor Day sale. Use the coupon code LABORDAY at checkout to apply the discount to your upgrade purchase before September 5, 2017.

UPDATE: The download link isn’t working at the moment, probably because increased traffic is hammering Tracktion’s servers. This happens quite often when major software goes freeware. I’m expecting it to go back online in a few hours.

T6 DAW is available for free download via Tracktion Corporation (32-bit and 64-bit standalone application for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


    • Then move along. Why even bother telling the internet that you don’t want something that a developer has been generous enough to give out for free? Extremely rude…

    • Why say things like this? If you do not like it, do not dowload it. “When you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anythong at all”.

    • And what exactly is wrong with it?

      Once in the box, summing digital numbers is the same in any DAW, so the sound and quality is exactly the same as anything else, plugins aside. Furthermore, the learning curve is pretty shallow so it’s very fast to pick up for old hands and newbies alike. It makes an ideal teaching tool and is a useful addition to my studio.

  1. Good on you Tacktion! So awesome that they have done this, great news for musicians! Especially those who are new to music production!

  2. It’s really nice news since Tracktion is a quite pleasant line of DAWs. One can relatively fast adapt to its quite specific workflow and the possibilities offerd are numerous.

    Neverthless sometimes it’s quite challenging to find some features that are rather obvious in its market rivals. For example – maybe someone’s has encountered similar problem, I’d be grateful for suggestion – how to assign selected CC message# to certain VST parameter (for example to use MIDI plugins that emit CC streams)? Is it possible without engaging MIDI controller and moving some knob?

      • Yes it is! The Track VSTi / Fx chain is identical to the Free Temper (though it’s focus more on Midi than audio tracks).
        The only set back with T6 is that it doesn’t support multi outs for samplers such as UVI Workstation, Independence, and Shortcircuit 2 crashes.
        I’m also experiencing some noise with the T6 audio outputs – anyone else?

        • Tracktion has the nasty habit of crashing and closing with no warning. I’ve had T5, T6 and T7, and they all do the same. It’s advisable to enable the auto save feature and set it to save every minute.

  3. This is great news that everyone should jump on, I paid for it a while back, then upgraded to 7 because it was cheap, but anyway the only thing making me cringe now is the money I spent! Great DAW!!!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Thanks for your comment! Yeah, it kind of sucks when something you bought becomes freeware. On the other hand, they’ve moved to Waveform now (Tracktion is an old product at this point), and it’s a paid upgrade so it does make sense in a way.

  4. Have to admit that it’s the best DAW for making quick edits.And when I mean fast I’m talking even on good old core 2 duo laptop with 2 gigs of ram that can slow down by opening chrome :D . I think even if you don’t like it’s interface – everyone should download it just for purpose of checking the audio engine.

  5. If this pattern continues, I believe Tracktion 7 will be free the next year in 2018. But still, a reasonable free DAW like Tracktion 6 is hard to beat.

  6. Massimo del Rosario


    complimenti all ‘autore x aver rilasciato free il prog. volevo sapere se esiste un turorial x l’uso del drumm, le caratteristiche tecniche avendo come piattaforma windows 7 32 bit , x farlo girare alla meglio , grazie

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