Autodafe Releases Free Drum Module For VCV Rack Synthesizer


Autodafe has released Drum Kit for VCV Rack, a free sample-based drum module set for the VCV Rack virtual modular synthesizer.

Drum Kit for VCV Rack consists of eight virtual drum modules (kick, snare, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, clap, cymbal, ride, and claves) and an 8-channel drum mixer module. The drum modules are sample-based, using royalty-free samples of hardware drum machines as the sound source. The included samples cover the classics such as the Roland TR-808, Alesis HR-16, and Korg MiniPops 35, among others. Each drum module features a trigger input, a single audio output, and a set of switches for choosing the source drum sound.

The drum mixer module features eight audio channels with audio in/out, volume and pan CV inputs, volume and pan knobs, and a mute switch. Also included is a mix volume control with a CV input and L/R audio outputs.

In addition to the Drum Kit module set, Autodafe has also released the Autodafe Module Pack for VCV Rack which is a freely downloadable set of eleven virtual modules. These include an LFO module (sadly missing from the VCV Rack base installer), a filter bank, a couple of step sequencers, a trigger sequencer (suitable for use with the Drum Kit modules), 1×8 and 2×8 multiples, and several FX modules.

The only commercial product in the VCV Rack section of Autodafe’s website is the Blank Panel for VCV Rack (€5), a simple blank rack panel which can be used to “protect your rack from virtual dust”. Obviously, it is intended as a way for users to support Autodafe’s work on the free modules if they find a good use for them.

The virtual modules can be downloaded completely free of charge from the product page linked below. Please note that you’ll need to sign up for a user account before completing the checkout process. To add the modules to VCV Rack, extract the contents of the downloaded archive to the rack/plugins/ directory in your VCV Rack installation folder.

Drum Kit for VCV Rack is available for free download via Autodafe (8.8 MB download size, ZIP archive).

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