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Pluginboutique has launched an exclusive 90% OFF sale ($13 discounted price) on Nebula, a versatile multi-effect VST/VST3/AU/AAX plugin developed by SoundSpot. The sale ends on November 6th.

Following the recent release of SoundSpot’s outstanding Oracle modulated reverb effect, Nebula takes things one step further with the plethora of easily accessible modulation options included in its feature set. At its core, Nebula is a combination of four different effects: delay, chorus, flanger, and filter. These are available as separate modules, accessed through a row of buttons on the top of the interface. Each effect comes with its own unique set of controls, with individual adjustments for feedback, depth, stereo width, and other parameters. The modules can also be bypassed to save CPU if required.

The fifth and most interesting module is the LFO. It is intended for modulating various parameters in the other four modules, resulting in dynamic, constantly shifting effects. The available modulation targets are listed on the left side of the LFO module, with adjustable time, range, and modulation shape for each one. The LFO offers four different modulation waveforms including sawtooth, sine, triangle and square. The modulation workflow is incredibly fast in Nebula, making it stand out from other, more advanced but also less easy to use modulation-based effects, such as the excellent PanShaper by Cableguys.

Normally priced at $130 and compatible with all major digital audio workstations on PC and Mac, Nebula is currently available for just $13 in this exclusive sale at Pluginboutique. This is a time-limited offer which ends on November 6th. For more deals on music production plugins and other software, visit the Deals page on Pluginboutique.

More info: Nebula (90% OFF until November 6th)

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