Rekkerd Releases Free HY-Lofi2 Effect By HY-Plugins


Rekkerd has released HY-Lofi2, a freeware lo-fi effect in VST and AU plugin formats developed by HY-Plugins.

HY-Lofi2 is an improved version of the developer’s older HY-Lofi plugin which featured a very similar interface and control layout. The new iteration of HY-Lofi adds a dry/wet slider for easy parallel processing, an input gain control, and introduces two brand new quantizer modes. The drive section has been simplified by removing the drive shaping mode selector in favor of a more streamlined workflow.

The plugin still features a dedicated filter section with cutoff frequency adjustments for the HP and LP filters. A preset manager is also included in the top section of the interface, along with undo/redo buttons and a bypass switch. The user interface is fully resizable. HY-Lofi2 looks slightly different from its predecessor, sharing a similar color scheme but with redesigned buttons and sliders to fit the developer’s new lineup of plugins.

In use, HY-Lofi2 is a great tool for adding a bit of dirt to the processed signal. The bit reduction module offers four different digital distortion flavors to choose from, whereas the drive and filter sections help do a good job of rounding up the processed audio signal before the output.

The Windows version of HY-Lofi2 can be downloaded as a manual installer (a ZIP archive containing the DLL file) or an automatic installer (EXE file). The Mac version only comes as an automatic installer. The plugin can be downloaded completely free of charge from the product page linked below. Visit HY-Plugins for more free and affordable mixing tools for PC and Mac.

HY-Lofi2 is available for free download via Rekkerd (11.6 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS).

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