Get ADM’s VHS Drums Ableton Live Pack For Just $6 In November


AfroDJMac has released VHS Drums, a collection of 600 premium-quality 80’s drum sounds for Ableton Live. The product is on offer for just $6 throughout November.

Here’s an offer to consider if you are a fan of crunchy ’80s drum sounds! AfroDJMac is selling a collection of 600 VHS tape-treated drum samples, organized into 30 Ableton Live Drum Racks and also available as wav files, for just $6! That is, if you join the AfroDJMac Music Production Club in November.

Want to know more? The 600 drum samples have been sourced from vintage drum machines, synths, and acoustic kits – all chosen for their unmistakeable ’80s vibe. AfroDJ then recorded these drum hits on an old VCR over a copy of 80’s classic Pump Up the Volume. Then the material, now well-magnetized, entered Ableton Live and got chopped up again.

The drums have been organized into separate folders by type (snare, kick, closed hat, open hat, tom, percussion, cymbal, clap). Although there are 30 ready-to-go Ableton Live Drum Racks in the Presets folder, as well as 21 playable Drum Racks in the Kits folder, the wav samples can be used within any DAW.

Check out the official demo video above to get a feel for how those VHS-drenched drums sound, and perhaps get inspired for making some ’80s-sounding tunes! While you’re over at AfroDJMac’s website, don’t forget to check out his epic series of free devices and instruments for Ableton Live.

More info: VHS Drums ($6 throughout November 2017)

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