Get Stagecraft’s Infinity Synthesizer For FREE @ Reverb

18 is offering the Infinity Synth sample-based virtual instrument by Stagecraft as a completely free download on their website with $25 worth of credits for downloading additional presets.

Care for a free synthesizer? Reverb is making Stagecraft’s Infinity synth free as an exclusive download. The synth has been updated since its initial release earlier this year, and is now of tangibly better quality. It’s a sample-based instrument, though plenty more than just a rompler. Sample-based synthesizer would be a more correct term for describing Infinity Synth’s functionality.

Infinity does include 1,200 unlockable presets to get you started, as well as several sample banks up for downloading, but it’s a synthesizer at heart. You can freely tweak ADSR envelopes, chain effects, twist filters, add modulation by velocity and aftertouch; automate parameters and do plenty more.

Although the synthesizer is completely free to download and use, it features an online marketplace with payable presets and sample banks. These can be bought with credits that you can purchase prior to shopping for samples. Some of the presets are offered free of charge, and downloading the synth through should provide you with $25 worth of credits for unlocking additional sounds.

Finally, Infinity supports Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression (MPE). It means that each MIDI note is sent in its own MIDI channel, enabling independent modulation and other attributes for every note. This allows for true polyphonic expression.

Overall, Infinity is a very cool freebie. It’s rare to be able to enjoy such a compelling synthesizer for free, so consider adding it to your collection. The instrument was recently updated with better preset parsing, improved sound quality, and several performance and stability fixes under the hood.

IMPORTANT: Do note that this instrument is free to download and use, but not all of its presets are unlocked in the base version. You will get $25 worth of credits for unlocking patches that are available in the marketplace.

Infinity Synth is available for free download via (11.4 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS).

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    • Had the same problem at first. Changed patches and that fixed it, though some notes were silent. I guess that’s the restriction until you buy the patch. The piano didn’t work at all for me, which is the initial patch lol

  1. It’s great, but there’s a problem scaling the GUI in FL studio. It’s gui is compacted comapred to the actual plugin window which makes your mouse above a gui element really be up and to the left of it. Is there any way to fix this?

  2. Michael Jackson


    The synth doesn’t output any sounds on the default. Right click menu at top and it brings you a list. But I find it doesn’t have any presets. Instead, when you click on one of the presets, it downloads from the internet that prest. so for inital use, you would have to click on each prest of organ, strings, etc. and have it download them. I turn my internet off and seem to still have them. SC makes good software but I am not a big fan of them. This synth is good for free but I wouldn’t be incline to buy it. Perhaps because its more of a sound design synth.

  3. Yes, another piece to struggle with and fall into the trap of downloading a “free” synth.
    Don’t follow my example. It is not worth it. Why?
    – You may like just to use it, but some patches (or many?) are simply not working properly unless you purchase the specific patch. So it’s time consuming to find the patches that are really free and so you could maybe have some fun.
    My opinion – No.

    • My experience as well. I deleted all traces of it from my computer after realizing that it was nothing more than a “preset store” based on the iTunes model. I hate to complain, as the generosity and hard work of most plugin designers and sites like BPB have spoiled us rotten, but this is nonsense. The first hints that Infinity wasn’t “completely free” were the blinking green lock and sound of the presets fading up and down as I was playing. I hope that I have missed something, as I’m surprised that BPB would promote a company that uses bait and switch marketing tactics. Should I not be?

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        Hi Joseph, thanks for your comment and for following BPB! The fact that this is “freemium” software with unlockable presets is explained in the article. The synth is free to download and comes with $25 worth of free credits for purchasing presets.

        As for “promoting a company that uses bait and switch marketing tactics”, I have to strongly disagree with you. Most importantly, this article is posted in our News section – we are not promoting anything listed here. This section of BPB exists to share news about free and affordable software (sometimes including a brief review or some other info that might help our readers decide whether the product is worth a look). The section of the website in which we promote and recommend sofware to be downloaded is the Free VST Plugins section and all of our “Best Free VST Plugins” articles.

        Just trying to clarify that we don’t “promote” the stuff featured in the News section. I do only list the stuff that I find interesting and useful, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it is a “must have” piece of software or soundware for everyone.

        UPDATE: I added another disclaimer at the bottom of the page to further highlight the fact that the presets will need to be unlocked after downloading the instrument.”

  4. Really? The sounds are downloaded one by one? And even more bad, that the sounds are not good at all. They are really bad. At least the 10 I clicked randomly.

    So this thing went straight to the recycle bin. What a shitty synth, what a shitty concept.

  5. Rafael Ferreira


    Wow, the UI is totally messed up here and no sound output. I don’t know what’s going on.

    (Reaper x64 on Windows 8)

  6. Actually worked for me but:

    1) The account page for logging into loopbazaar isn’t secure (https), so your account may be stolen
    2) Long load times between switching sounds
    3) Fairly low quality sounds, there’s dozens of real synths and samplers that can do a better job

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