BPB Black Friday Sample Pack 2017 (EXPIRED)


Bedroom Producers Blog proudly presents BPB Black Friday Sample Pack 2017, an exclusive free download for BPB readers featuring 9 GB of highest quality royalty-free sample content from 31 different labels and independent sound designers.

This sample pack is a thank you to all BPB readers for their continued support over the years. The provided audio material is royalty-free for use in your commercial music projects. The majority of the included content can’t be downloaded for free elsewhere on the web. We tried to gather as much of quality material as possible, covering everything from acoustic drum loops to state-of-the-art EDM samples, sound effects, MIDI files, and a selection of presets for popular virtual instruments.

None of this would have been possible without the tremendous generosity of our sponsors who are listed below. If you find any of the free sounds useful, do consider visiting the vendors featured in the pack and checking out their commercial releases. Check out the included content below and scroll all the way down the page to download your free copy of the pack.


Drumdrops have provided an epic set of acoustic drum loops crafted for use in a variety of music styles ranging from Hard Rock and Afrobeat to Jazz and Vintage Folk. The loops are sorted into folders by genre and BPM. All loop content is provided in 24-bit WAV format.

To get even more Drumdrops samples and loops at heavily discounted prices, check out their ongoing Black Friday sale. All products are offered at a 50% OFF discount until December 3rd, 2017. Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY2017 at checkout to apply the discount to your purchase.

Wave Alchemy

Wave Alchemy is giving away a collection of 100 premium one-shot samples and loops from their commercial releases. Aimed at electronic music producers, this free set of sounds covers punchy electronic drum hits, modern sound effects, melodic parts, and synth loops.

For more Wave Alchemy sounds, visit their online store. The company has recently released Berlin Techno, an impressive collection of dark, moody, and minimal techno sounds for the main-room. You can also download a considerable amount of free content from their Free Samples page.

F9 Audio

F9 Audio has provided a very special collection of electronic kick drums, along with a PDF document explaining how to use them in your music projects and sharing some general bass processing tips. These kicks and mixing tips come as a result of F9 Audio’s recent conversation with producers on Reddit which revealed how many aspiring musicians are struggling with low end mixing.

The samples have all passed the stem mastering treatment by the geniuses at Wired Masters, setting a solid starting point for electronic music production. These are house/club kicks but can be used in many genres with some additional tweaking.

The label is currently offering up to 40% OFF on a wide selection of products during their Red Friday Sale. Use the coupon code RED_FRIDAY_2017 at checkout to apply the discount to your purchase. The sale ends on December 3rd, 2017.


Goldbaby is offering a selection of free sounds from four commercial products: 12 Volt Punch, Ghetto Drum Samplers, Gold Digger Syntastic Vol 1, and Unrealistic Vibrating Particles. The set includes 160 samples in total and showcases the full spectrum of Goldbaby’s unmatched sampling and sound design talent. From classic hip-hop drum hits to totally “out there” percussion and sound effects, this is a fantastic collection of sounds to get for free.

For more sounds crafted with classic outboard gear and some of the most sought-after hardware instruments on the market, visit Goldbaby’s online shop.

Black Octopus Sound

Black Octopus Sound has provided an epic collection of 312 one-shot samples for electronic music producers. The company is known for crafting some of the hardest hitting drum samples around and is the premium source of top-notch audio content for EDM producers. In their biggest sale ever, Black Octopus Sound is offering 50% – 80% OFF in discounts on a variety of products in their online store.


ModeAudio has dropped an exclusive free set of one-shot samples, drones, Serum presets, and loops from six different commercial releases: Eclipse, Fissure, Hologram, Impact Factory, Mesosphere, and the Shared Tomorrow sound library which was recently reviewed on our website.

The label is currently running a 50% OFF sale on all products available in their online store. For more info visit ModeAudio.

Samples From Mars

Samples From Mars have created an exclusive free taster for BPB readers featuring 77 one-shot samples from their Found Sounds From Mars ($29) sample pack. Purchase the full pack and find numerous other drum machine and synthesizer samples over at Samples From Mars.


Samplefino is offering 60 clean and processed drum machine samples from their Analogue Drums Bundle ($19.99). The label is currently running a 50% OFF deal on all products in their online store – use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY at checkout to apply the discount to your purchase.

Rhythmic Robot

Rhythmic Robot is kindly giving away the full version of the Seinfeld Bass (£5 value) virtual instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt. The library is based on the simple but great sounding 360 Systems MIDI Bass module. If you’re a fan of classic 80s bass sounds, there’s no doubt that you’ll instantly fall in love with Seinfeld Bass.

For more affordable and great sounding NI Kontakt libraries, visit Rhythmic Robot. Make sure to also check out the discounts and bundle offers listed on their Hot Deals page.


SampleScience has provided a lightweight free version of their Pastoral Tones ($21.99) virtual instrument in VST/AU plugin formats for PC and Mac. Highly recommended for all fans of Boards of Canada style sounds!

Purchase the full version of Pastoral Tones and find plenty more virtual instruments at discounted prices during the 35% OFF Black Friday sale at SampleScience. You can also download their free Room Piano instrument which was released earlier today.

Resonance Sound

Resonance Sound is offering a collection of 386 audio samples, loops, and MIDI files from seven different releases. The included sounds were handpicked from Resonance Sound’s Deep House MIDI Weapons 1.0 and EDM MIDI Weapons 3.0, along with Sounds Of Revolution’s Abstract + Weird Vol.2, Clicks & Glitches Vol.4, Minimal Techno Revolution Vol.5, Shhh – I am Speaking Vol.2, and Transformation sound libraries.

Save up to 30% on nearly all products available in the Resonance Sound online store.


Abletunes have created a special edition of their Future Sound Essentials ($59) sample pack for BPB readers. This free lightweight pack contains 200 individual samples from the full version of the product. Check out the currently discounted products in the Abletunes online store and save up to 30% on their premium sample packs.

A Sound Effect

A Sound Effect, in collaboration with Mattia Cellotto and Thomas Rex Beverly, has generously provided over 250 MB of high-quality sound effects and field recordings. Also included is the free Soundly software which comes with 300+ sound effects in its free version.

A Sound Effect is currently running multiple deals, with up to 50% OFF in discounts on various products in their online store. You will receive 40 additional sound effects for free when signing up on their website.


Ghosthack has compiled an exclusive free set of 50 samples from his Abstract Drums, Drum Hero, Neurofunk Arsenal, Ultimate Pads & FX, and Ultimate Vocal Library releases. You can also purchase the Ultimate Cyber Monday Bundle containing fifteen sample packs with a total size of 7GB (priced at €49.99 instead of €420) or download the Free Drum And Bass Samples Vol.2 sample pack which was recently released on Ghosthack’s website.


AfroDJMac has provided a collection of 5 Ableton Live Devices especially collected for Bedroom Producers Blog. Each sound comes from a special premium Ableton Live Pack available for sale at the AfroDJMac store. Tracks 1 and 2 come from the 80’s VHS Synths Ableton Live Pack, Tracks 3 and 4 come from the Cassette Tape Prophet Ableton Live Pack. Track 5 comes from the Rhythmic Pads Ableton Live Pack. You can save 20% on any of these packs by using the code EMAIL at checkout.

Visit AfroDJMac’s website for a quick video on saving and installing Ableton Live Devices to your User Library.

The Unfinished

The Unfinished compiled an exclusive set of 50 presets from five different commercial sound banks: Absynth ObsidianDiva Phenom Vol 1Massive Darkscore VUno LX Vulcan, and Zebra Vellum. Find more sound banks for popular virtual instruments in The Unfinished’s online shop.

MGF Audio

MGF Audio generously created an original collection of sixteen audio loops and over 100 one-shot samples exclusively for this free sample pack on BPB. The sounds were sourced from various hardware synthesizers and processed with outboard gear. For more sample packs, multi-sample libraries, and M4L devices, check out MGF Audio’s recently launched website.


ThePhonoLoop is offering 50 free sounds from their Break Geek DnB and Influential Kit drum sample packs. These are exceptionally well-made drum sounds for hip-hop and other urban music styles.

You can further expand your arsenal of sounds by checking out the label’s unique tape-processed sample libraries for Native Instruments Kontakt. ThePhonoLoop has reduced the price of all their commercial products by 30% until November 30th.


Audiomodern is giving away a limited free version of their Paths 2 ($49) instrument for NI Kontakt. This exclusive free version of the instrument contains 100 MB of content from the full release with and offers the complete functionality of its custom Kontakt interface.

Audiomodern is offering up to 70% OFF on all purchases (bundles included) until November 27th, 2017. This is their biggest sale of the year and the best opportunity to grab your favorite Audiomodern sample library for an unbeatable price.

Prime Loops

Prime Loops is offering 100 premium sounds from their portfolio, including samples from their in-house brands XXL Audio and Future Koncept. The provided samples and loops cover a range of electronic and urban music styles.

Don’t miss the epic Black Friday Sale that is happening over at Prime Loops right now. The sample boutique is offering up to 50% OFF in discounts on a variety of products in their online shop.

New Loops

New Loops put together a pack of 80 free sounds for BPB readers, containing 40 audio loops and 40 one-shot sampls from various commercial sound packs. They also added a couple of added a couple completely original files and included an exclusive 10% OFF discount code for BPB readers (get more info in the download pack).

Furthermore, New Loops has dropped the prices of their products by 70% until December 4th (with additional 15% OFF on orders over £35). Visit their online store for more info about the sale.


Beatmatch.info has provided a free set of 80 audio loops from their Deep House, Detroit Techno, Dub Techno, and Minimal Techno loop libraries. Apart from the loop content in 24-bit WAV format, the freebie also contains an Ableton Live template file. All loops are labeled with BPM info. The drum loops are provided as regular and “kick free” variations of each groove.

For more high-quality loops and samples, visit the Beatmatch.info online store.

Sample Magic

Sample Magic is offering 40 free samples and loops from their Festival Pop, Future Funk, French House, Vaporwave, and Synthwave 2 sound libraries. The included sounds cover everything from FX, bass, and drum hits, to drum loops and synth sequences. Check out the ongoing Black Friday Sale over at Sample Magic to save up to 50% on sample libraries and up to 30% on software for PC and Mac.

Expanding Sound

Expanding Sound is giving away a set of seven Ableton Live instruments from several of their most popular commercial products. The company is known for delivering high-quality Ableton devices based on the sounds of hardware instruments. Check out their online store for more sounds and download the recently Korg Poly-61 for Ableton Live.


Modwheel is offering a standalone expansion pack for their Mystichord virtual instrument for NI Kontakt. These patches are of a more rhythmic nature compared to those that went out with the original release. This exclusive material is not included in the original release so previous owners of Mystichord will get as much enjoyment out of it as those who are completely new to the instrument.

If you’re looking to further expand your NI Kontakt arsenal, check out Modwheel’s online store and their generous Free Stuff page.

Studio Phasen

Studio Phasen compiled a set of 33 free samples for BPB readers. You’ll find a wonderfully crafted kit of processed drum machine sounds with some truly classic 808 and 909 drum hits. Visit the label’s official website and save on premium products during their Black Friday sale.

RW5 Samples

RW5 Samples has included one free and two commercial multi-sampled acoustic drum elements in this free download for BPB readers: Snare 04 (free), Kick 06 ($5), and Toms 03 ($9). These are offered as 24-bit WAV files with the addition of GOG, NKI, and TCI patches. For more expertly sampled and reasonably priced acoustic drum sounds, check out the RW5 Samples online store – their Complete Bundle is currently on sale for 50% OFF its regular price.

Ecliptiq Audio

Ecliptiq Audio put together put a set of ten Roland TR-808 patches for NI Kontakt, handpicked from their Vault ($25) advanced 808 engine. Although the full product contains 140 additional patches, the preset editing features are unlocked in this exclusive free version for BPB readers.

Sound Author

Sound Author, the sound design project of our team member Bryan Lake, is offering 20 free presets from his Undertow ($28) sound bank for U-He Zebra and his forthcoming commercial sound bank for U-He Hive. Check out his Facebook page for more info about the products on offer and some useful sound design tips.


Once again, many thanks to all the sponsors who participated in this epic free sample pack. We’ve been blown away by the quality and the sheer amount of the provided content and we hope you will be, too! Again, if you find the included sounds useful, consider checking out the vendor’s other products.

To download your free copy of the BPB Black Friday Sample Pack 2017, simply enter your name and email address in the form below. You will be subscribed to our weekly newsletter with the option to unsubscribe at any point.

UPDATE: This offer has now expired. Subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated about future exclusive freebies and bonus downloads for BPB readers.

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    Nothing like getting a multi-gigabyte sample library for free to make one’s day!

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      Hey David, please try using PeaZIP to extract the RAR or re-download the ZIP archive which we uploaded today. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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  7. thanks! I can’t say no to quality samples

    btw for anybody wanting to know, pure wav size (ignoring other formats) is 4.4GB

  8. BTW do you have in mind recommending some (preferably free) sample librarian/organizer software? especially one that supports external cataloguing, as WAV has no metadata

    resonic has a capable free version albeit it’s unclear if it can use keywords/tagging or not

    then there is this DIY bugger: https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=6138536
    it sounds good on paper but can’t figure out how to even select a directory (plus it looks like ableton live, which I dislike)

    metadigger (free, tried it and seems ideal): https://www.sound-ideas.com/Page/metadigger-data-management-software

    aural probe (free but haven’t tried it): https://sourceforge.net/projects/auralprobe/

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      To be honest, I haven’t really tested any sample management software yet. Resonic is the first to try on my list. Also, your other suggestions will come in handy for testing, thanks!

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  11. This pack is AMAZING!

    Quick feedback to “A Sound Effect” : sounds great. The sample names however are a bit long, so that Windows will refuse to copy them if you put them in a sub folder somewhere (pathway too long). Just a minor thing.

    The pack however is just outstanding, and spares soOOoooo much time surfing for good samples.

    Thank you !

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    I originally made a post pointing out the link had an bandwidth limit that was exceeded but it is working now!

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