ELPHNT Releases Free One Knobs Bundle For Ableton Live


ELPHNT has announced the release of One Knobs, a collection of simple one-knob FX devices for the Ableton Live digital audio workstation.

One Knobs is a collection of simple Ableton FX racks, each performing a single function that provides a unique creative tool. These include modulation, distortion, delay, loop/repeat, and more. It is also possible to combine multiple One Knob racks in interesting ways to create composite effects. By interfacing with the user via a single control, these devices can speed up your Ableton Live workflow and reduce the amount of time spent on mixing. On the other hand, a simplified user interface like this can also serve as a limitation which pushes you to think creatively while mixing or designing new sounds.

The bundle contains 20 effects in total. These range from simple ones like Saturation and Stutter, to more complex ones like Rhythm Doubler, Fake Sidechain, Parallel Verb, and others. All devices are provided in ADG format for Ableton Live. The pack is offered for download on a pay what you want basis. Enter your desired amount at checkout or enter $0 as the amount to download One Knobs for free.

Repeater and Grain Freeze One Knobs.

Repeater and Grain Freeze One Knobs.

ELPHNT is also running a 50% OFF everything until December 31st, 2017. Enter the code heresto2017 at checkout to apply the discount to your purchase. Visit the Live Packs page on ELPHNT’s website to check out all the available products that are currently on sale.

One Knobs are available for free download via ELPHNT (901 KB download size, ZIP archive, contains 20 effects in ADG format for Ableton Live).

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