Art Frequencies Releases Free Micro Chaos Delay Effect (M4L Device)


Art Frequencies has released Micro Chaos Delay, a freely downloadable (pay what you want) pitched delay effect in Max for Live format.

Micro Chaos Delay is a pitched delay effect, but what exactly is a pitched delay? In essence, it is a combination of a pitch shifter and a delay that makes it possible to obtain some interesting and unusual sonic results. Most notably, the delayed signal will change in pitch with each repetition, opening a number of possibilities for experimental and creative use. You will often hear this effect on a snare in dub music, or on vocals in electronic music.

This free pitched delay by Developer Art Frequencies works independently on both audio channels and has the following controls: Left Pitch, Right Pitch, Dry/Wet, and Feedback. There’s also an X/Y pad for morphing between settings. The separation of left and right channels lets you tune audio to intervals or form complete sonic chaos, rendering the source material unrecognizable.

Overall, MCD is a pretty cool effect to have in your Max For Live arsenal, although we would love to have more control over the delay itself. Then again, the idea behind the effect is to make it tiny, quick, and fun, so there’s not much room for extensive controls. Please note that you’ll need Max for Live to run this effect. Micro Chaos Delay is a free download with optional donations.

Micro Chaos Delay is available for free download via Art Frequencies (233 KB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1 audio device in Max for Live format).

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