Tone Empire Releases Goliath Saturation Plugin ($49 Intro Price)


Tone Empire has announced the release of Goliath, a three-in-one saturation, analog EQ, and envelope follower tool in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Goliath is a complex vintage-inspired audio coloration tool with a simplified user interface and a streamlined control scheme. Most of the hard work is handled by the algorithm whereas the user is free to adjust the amount of applied saturation, tonal shaping, and modulation. Despite being a powerful mixing tool, Goliath can be used by seasoned professionals and beginner music producers alike.

The plugin offers three saturation modes, namely the Silver mode (solid state saturation), Gold mode (tube-style saturation), and Titanium mode (tape-style saturation). The three modes offer different analog distortion flavors, ranging from very subtle (solid state) to warm (tape) and gritty (tube). The amount of applied saturation is controlled by the Input/Drive knob. The envelope follower module is added to further shape the processed audio, making it easy to add punch to drums and other transient-heavy sounds.

As the final step in the tone shaping chain, the 3-band analog-style EQ is used to bring out the most important sonic details and give the processed sound its final polish. A 50 Hz cut switch is included to speed up the multi-channel mixing process and the three bands are fixed to three preset values (80 Hz, 1.5 kHz, and 9 kHz).

Goliath is normally priced at $79 but you can grab it for only $49 during the intro sale offer. The demo version can be downloaded completely free of charge from the developer’s website, offering the full functionality while silencing the audio output every 30 seconds.

More info: Goliath ($49)

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