2,500 FREE Copies Of Boz Little Clipper Available NOW! (EXPIRED)


Boz Digital Labs and RecordingSoftware.com are giving away 2,500 FREE copies of the Little Clipper ($49 regular price) effect in VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and RTAS plugin formats for PC and Mac.

The free licenses are being given away on a first-come, first-served basis, so hurry up and check if you’re among the 2,500 fastest users to claim their freebie at RecordingSoftware.com. The news was first announced exclusively right here on BPB, so chances are you can still grab a free copy of the plugin. Once the first 2,500 licenses are gone, the plugin will be available at a special launch price for a limited time only. After that, the regular list price of $49 will come into effect.

Little Clipper is exactly what its name suggests – an audio clipping tool with a simple and intuitive user interface. It features two clipping modes (soft clipping and hard clipping) with Pull/Push control parameters to adjust the input gain and ceiling. The plugin also features a dry/wet control for easy parallel processing and adjustable stereo configurations for use on stereo buses.

Despite its simple-looking user interface, Little Clipper is more than just a plain old clipping tool on the inside. The developers at Boz Digital Labs describe it as being “sort of a hybrid clipper/limiter” as it lets the user dial in the clipping and limiting flavors in any ratio required to match the characteristics of the audio signal on the input. This is achieved with the Blend Control parameter which covers a range of settings from “heavy distortion to super smooth limiting and everything in between.”

Little Clipper also doesn’t tend to distort and overpower the bass frequencies as regular clippers do, thanks to the adjustable Frequency Sensitivity parameter. To avoid low-end distortion, simply increase the Frequency Sensitivity control to the desired value. CORRECTION: The Frequency Sensitivity feature will be included in the forthcoming Big Clipper plugin. As for use on buses and the master channel, Little Clipper can operate in Stereo, Mid/Side, Mid Only, and Side Only modes to handle all sorts of stereo sources.

On a related note, Boz Digital Labs is running a 55% OFF deal on their Imperial Delay and Manic Compressor plugins which are currently priced at $67.05 instead of the regular $149 price tags. The offer ends on March 10th, 2018.

Visit the product page linked below to check if you can download Little Clipper for free. Only 2,500 free licenses are available at launch.

UPDATE: Free licenses are no longer available. You can still get Little Clipper for $9.99 which is 80% OFF its regular price.

More info: Little Clipper ($50 regular price, limited free copies available on March 8th)

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  1. Thanks for the article; I’ve got mine and am looking forward to trying it.

    Just amazing that they’re giving so many away. To give away 10, 50, or 100 would have been generous, but 2500 …that’s more than $120,000 worth of plugins! Thank you Boz Digital labs!

  2. Thanks for the info but I think the adjustable Frequency Sensitivity parameter is not available in Little Clipper?

  3. I keep getting asked for a retrieve code in order to download it, checked my email for it but didn’t really receive a code of any sort. Nvm, great giveaway!

    • short hopper


      I thought that, too, at first. You actually have to sign in to your account (which you created when you originally checked out) and then the plugin is available under My Account > Downloads.

  4. corrosiveabuser


    Damn, missed out on this one.

    Still, for anyone who still needs a free clipper, I believe Airwindows will be releasing his OneCornerClip in a few days time, so it’s not all bad.

    • I wish AirWindows plugins had at least some basic GUI and some metering. Or at least he would allow others to develop basic skins for his plugins. For me it’s really counter-intuitive to drag some generic faders without really knowing whether I’m hitting the right level and whether the thresholds are correctly adjusted – that’s so 1995-ish.

    • Yep,

      Airwindows is dope. Chris needs to be more patreoned (see his site for info, not sure if I can provide a direct URL here).


  5. For those who couldn’t get the deal,

    They offer 10$ on the store upon subscribing…aka still free of charge. The process is a bit annoying though (1 account to create on the store, then one on boz’s website for those who don’t have one). But it’s worth the effort.

  6. Mid-side mode + softness control + dry/wet control allows for very subtle, refined application. Nice little clipper!

  7. thanks sebastian. to confirm you can still get this free. register you get 1000 free credits which equals £10. got the plugin for free and added to my boz account with the serial they provide. awesome. also got that eq from overloud

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