Spitfire Audio Free LABS Soft Piano And Strings VST/AU Plugins


Spitfire Audio has launched LABS, a new product lineup which will feature free sample-based instrument libraries in VST and AU plug-in formats. The company has also released Soft Piano and Strings, two free instrument patches for LABS.

LABS is a new project by Spitfire Audio, described as “an infinite series of software instruments, free and easy to use”. In practice, LABS is a virtual rompler instrument which loads free sample libraries released by Spitfire Audio for this particular platform. It’s completely free to download and use, as long as you register for a Spitfire Audio user account (also free). The LABS plugin features a streamlined control scheme consisting of volume, pan, and pitch parameters, as well as a built-in reverb unit.

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Along with the launch of LABS, the company has released two free sample libraries: Soft Piano and Strings. Downloading and installing the sample content is a fully automated process. You should first download the Spitfire Audio app which will then fully handle the installation of free LABS sample libraries.

As for the sound of the Soft Piano instrument, the demo video embedded below says it all. This is a beautifully mellow, soft piano patch which oozes emotion and melancholy. The samples were recorded all the way back in 2008 by Nick Taylor at Air-Edel Recording Studios. The signature soft piano sound was achieved by placing a layer of soft felt between the hammers and the piano strings. As a result, the piano sounds filtered and soft, yet powerful and certainly not dull.

The Strings instrument is a string ensemble featuring the performances of fourteen of London’s best string players. The samples were recorded by Harry Wilson at Spitfire Audio headquarters, using an array of microphones including a vintage BBC AXB1 mic. Much like the Soft Piano library, Strings sound amazing right out of the box and require little to no additional processing.

A full review of Spitfire Audio LABS and the platform’s first two sample libraries coming soon on BPB, courtesy of our sampling guru Drogomir Smolken. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here is our Spitfire Audio LABS review, written by Drogomir Smolken.

LABS is available for free download via Spitfire Audio (3.04 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin formats for Windows & MacOS).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Thanks Tomislav for sharing this news. I am always in search of traditional instruments, especially freeware. :)

    Just a thought: “an infinite series of software instruments, free and easy to use” : does it mean that Spitfire will be releasing free sample libraries for LABS rompler engine every month? Or these two and a couple of more free ones in future are for promotional downloads and later they’ll release commercial libraries?

    Have they shared sample quality details? I could not find details about samples on thier website. 24bit or 16bit, 44.1kHz or higher, WAV, aiff or other format, etc?

    Since it is old recording effort, it may be lower quality compared to today’s standard.

    But, still it sounds good to my ears.

  2. Rick weldon


    “Certainly not dull”
    Give me something a bit lyrical to sample and not that trance music. Right now I’m not convinced.

  3. Sounds really nice in the video. Is offline installation possible? If not I would have preferred SFZ format libary for use with Sforzando.

    • offline installation is not possible and another annoying thing is every time you open Spitfire Audio app to check if there anything new you have type your password. It remembers your email but not the password

  4. Peter Johnson


    Looks fine but i never will be use a online library (a library that cant use offline). thanks.

    • You don’t use it online. From Spitfire Audio app you download the content yo your computer and use from there. The purpose of the the app is download the content to your computer

      • A app to download the data… really, that one on earth who know what is a vst dont need a not necessary app to install to get it to work.
        that people that can use a eq or whatever prefer SIMPLE plugins with a simple DOWNLOAD-LINK like it was years and years before !

        that one that need a app for correct install like a hillbilly, sorry…….but that one shouldnt make music and better play ball outside…
        thats like i want to make music…easy…i will press a button and it create a hit with that i can make money and the television will repeat it all day and night…i will be the next mr. guetta or whatever…

        im not sure if those people exist…but if, that must be the one and only reason the producers of online-installer/content deliever for “easy install procedure” words…
        only phrases….

        i ask me, if you download for free or pay for it:

        if the online-resource isnt available anymore, to download conent, to verify a serial or unlock programs – whats then ?
        i could spit if i think about that short-thinking.

          • im not sure if its free. but thats a other question, that go to far.
            and if its for free, make it simple. you dont need to count me as a customer because i have to register. why i need a account ? after that, why i need to download and install a online installer ?

            you can tell your opinion “its free, nothing to complain about….”,
            i tell my point of view. of course its free, but that point we talk about is general. every thing out there startet as a little thing.
            not every movement/way to distribute software is correct.
            social media is the same big overhyped wave. and the registration at their platforms is free too… nothing to complain about ? please..

            i guess the aim with free products of commercial groups is to reach as much people as you can get as someone who want to make money and to get attention on other products. one will use it (for exmaple piano) and tell it his friends, share a created songs with others and make a hint of the used piece of software.
            i will do nothing of that, BECAUSE of that. also its “free”.

            do you let your dog pee on your carpet, even if he is only 1 month old ?

          • in times of big data we should know what mostly meant to be with “its free !”.

            bpb presented till today enough good independent software of great guys that go other classic ways. that software get loved and spread and honored, maybe with a donation link to support work like this. THERE is really nothing to complain about.

            my post did not aim on one product – it aim on the distribution way with only service centers and online contents for “free” or for money and extra software to install.
            thats unprofessional but its the actual state.
            far away its like new software games with “ingame buys”. the kids buy the high priced software again and again, pay twice, why they shouldnt change something ? because of fairplay ? because of moral/ethik ? one day they shut down the server, what are they going to do ?

            audioarea is more dedicated and more mature – sometimes i have the feeling the commercial companys think the customers are the same group and deserve it the same way. pervert.

            between rise and fall are sometimes only neglected little things.

        • I agree. Desktop software that requires a constant online connection is very annoying and personally I avoid them. Everything that unnecessarily complicates the process should be avoided. What if in 5 years the installers are no longer available or you cannot activate them any longer? The best format for distribution of free sample libraries is sfz-format. No disrespect to Spitfire Audio, they have provided two great sounding free libraries to the community, which is generous without a doubt!

          With the sfz format the advantage would be that the library stays usable independently of an online connection / activation. Still, sfz (with the free Sforzando sfz player) allows for individual GUIs and even semi-scripted libraries.

      • Peter Johnson


        Is more complicate, the app not only download content, install this to, i transfer the files to ohter dir after installation and the VST plugin says that is not possible use the library and need use the app to fix this, then is not possible install or reinstall the library without the app that is a online app, you need login to a online server, then, for me is absurde, i have internet but depend of a library provider server for install a library that use in a musical project and if a problem occurs with the server or the provider, or a change in the license then this is not usable and you need replace the library. really use SFZ or Kontakt or a better offline app ot none app, simply download is better.

  5. Great sounding piano. Godawful download manager/license app with no ability to specify the download directory for a 398 MB file. Gave up and uninstalled. Tip for the developer: All users need is a VST and data folder. We all know what to do from there.

  6. George Macksoud


    I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the Library Manager Helper process automatically launching on startup on a Mac. It takes up RAM, and I have no idea what it is doing. Nice sounds, though.

  7. I don’t know what everyones complaining about.
    The download manager adds a few steps but installs everything fine with the plugins showing up in daw no problem. They sound great. Thumbs up

    • if every site offer only online installer/activation or whatever, you will have a lot of unnecessary software in your system soon that load up at start or take space, for example.
      if you use 20 plugins from 20 different producers you got 20 service center plus on top. is that normal ? maybe for you, or for someone who use only one plugin beside his daw.
      every single program building up a internet connection and transfer data, personal data and who knows what next.
      same like project based clouds where you can upload your work. only you got access on it ? who own it if you upload it ? why ? i dont think the big producers upload a coming hit in a unsafety cloud, for improvement or workflow.
      if the online-resource isnt available anymore, to download conent, to verify a serial or unlock programs – whats then ?

      • and if you wonder why your top model processor works like the first hand calculator, its maybe because of too much useless software on it (that isnt needed!)… ;-)

        • Have you even checked out this software. The download manager downloads the software. You don’t need to run the manager while in daw and you don’t need to be connected to the internet the use it. It downloads the plugin and installs. It’s no different to you doing it manually.

  8. You can uninstall the installer app after the vsti is installed. No additional programs, I have one folder containing the samples and vsti. It’s as if people are complaining about the wiring of their boutique amps, rather than appreciating the sound quality. Does anyone prioritize the quality of their music over how easy it is to make it? Don’t answer, I know the answer. The answer is no.

  9. Boot Hamilton


    Oh kwityerbitchin. It’s a goddamned gift. Don’t want it? Fine.

    As far as troubles and all this ‘online’ crap. I’m an old goat and I had absolutely no problems dl’g and using. Of course you need to be online to download. Hello. And of course you do NOT need to be online to use. Duh.

    This thing sounds excellent to me. So I’m grateful to have it.

    Thanks Spitfire.

  10. Is there any comments section, anywhere online, that isn’t a portal into a dystopian, entitled hell?

    I’m not quite old enough to remember, but were people always this entitled before companies had to give stuff away for free, just to encourage customers to consider them for future purchases? Maybe you all prefer a time when companies would charge a fortune for absolutely anything they could, because only the elite had access to recording equipment?

    Get a grip, it’s an installer.

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