Couture Is A New FREE Transient Shaper VST/AU/AAX Plugin


Auburn Sounds has released Couture Free Edition, a freeware transient shaper in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

Couture Free Edition is the latest audio effect released by Auburn Sounds, following the excellent Graillon 2 pitch correction and vocal processing tool. The free edition of Couture is a transient shaper optimized for adding punch to percussive sounds. The optional paid version of Couture (currently on sale for 39.20 EUR) adds a powerful saturation module to the plugin’s feature set, offering a wide range of analog and digital distortion types. The saturation module is disabled in the free version product, but there aren’t any other limitations.

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Taking a closer look at Couture’s features, it offers three transient detection modes (Flat, Human, and Sybil) with adjustable bass amount, a transient shaper module with optional clipping, output gain adjustment, and real-time waveform monitoring. The interface is laid out logically and chances are then new users won’t need to read the manual before using the plugin. The transient shaper section features a knob for making the transient louder or softer, along with the clipping mode switch and the attack/release transient selection knob. The main transient shaper knob offers three scaling modes (x1, x2, and x3), thus allowing the user to make more precise adjustments if required.

The saturation module is only available in the full version of Couture. It offers a choice between six different distortion types (Bit, Rect, Fuzz, Sin, Bass, and Tube) and a pair of filters (HP and LP) which can be applied before or after the saturation circuit. Also included is a drive smoothing control which makes the distortion more mellow at higher drive settings. As mentioned above, the saturation section is disabled in Couture Free Edition, but you can freely access all the other features. If you’re interested in unlocking the full potential of Couture, you should take advantage of the ongoing 20% OFF sale. Find more info on the product page linked below.

You can download Couture Free Edition directly from the Auburn Sounds website, no registration required. The downloaded ZIP archive contains the manual installation files for all supported plugin formats. The software is compatible with all VST, AU, and AAX plugin hosts on PC and Mac.

Couture Free Edition is available for free download via Auburn Sounds (8.3 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX plugin format for Windows & MacOS).

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  1. No comments on this? What?? Auburn Sounds make really nice plugs and their free versions are generous.

    Anyone who saw this BPB post and passed up on the free version of Couture is a fool.

    Thanks Auburn Sounds and BPB!

  2. corrosiveabuser


    Awesome! – I like the way no two transient shapers ever sound the same, this one sounds particularly good though. I’ve only tried it on short percussive synth textures so far, but with very impressive results. – Thank you Auburn Sounds

  3. I bought this plugin and i’m really digging it. love transient shapers and when a new one comes out im always excited to try it out. I think couture sounds great with a subtle character and soul in the shaping.

    The saturation sounds very nice as well and having some saturation options is great to have in a transient shaper plugin, How come no one else have thought about this before is beyond me.

    This is a very good plugin.

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