ModulAir Free Modular Synthesizer VST/AU Plugin Released (BETA)


Full Bucket Music has introduced the beta version of ModulAir, a forthcoming freeware modular synthesizer in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

ModulAir is a fully modular virtual synthesizer featuring 31 different module types and supporting up to eighteen modules per patch and up to 64 voices of polyphony.  The instrument also features double-precision audio processing, full MIDI learn support, and importing of TUN/SCL micro-tuning formats.

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The user interface is probably one of the biggest challenges for a developer when designing and programming a virtual modular synthesizer. Due to the modular nature of the instrument, the interface needs to remain as intuitive and logical as possible regardless of the current configuration. Full Bucket Music did a great job in this department, opting for drop-down menus and color guides for patching instead of virtual cables. The thing is, virtual cables can clutter a UI faster than an FM oscillator’s waveform cycle, which is why I’m glad that Full Bucket Music decided to take the cable-free route.

The other aspects of UI design are spot-on in ModulAir, too. The color scheme is easy on the eyes, the labels are clear and easy to read, and the whole thing simply looks inviting rather than confusing. I haven’t spent a lot of time with it yet since the beta version of the plugin was released only a few hours ago, but the workflow seems to be quite fast so far. Another thing worth pointing out is the CPU consumption which is surprisingly low, although, to be fair, it’s something to be expected from Full Bucket Music. All of their previous releases were focused on ensuring good performance even on slower machines.

The sound quality is quite good, both in the oscillator and filter department. However, a modular synthesizer is most often used as a vessel for creating complex sequences and noises where the raw sound quality of the individual components isn’t as important as it would be in, say, an analog monosynth. Check out the detailed demo video embedded below to get a better idea about ModulAir’s workflow and sonic capabilities.

These are great times for musicians on a budget. Until a couple of decades ago, it was beyond imagination to be able to experiment with a modular synthesizer without having to invest a few thousand dollars into building one. Then came the first virtual modular synthesizers, which dropped the price of modular fun, in the digital realm at least, to a couple hundred bucks. Nowadays, we have a choice between several very good freeware modular synths which can provide hours upon hours of fun and help a beginner synthesist make up their mind before eventually deciding to invest in hardware. Amazing times, indeed.

You can download the beta version of ModulAir completely free of charge via Full Bucket Music’s website. The instrument is compatible with all VST and AU plugin hosts on PC and Mac. You don’t need to sign up for a user account before downloading and the plugin doesn’t need to be activated before use.

ModulAir is available for free download via Full Bucket Music (4.5 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin formats for Windows & MacOS).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. marti garaughty


    I briefly tested this out last night, the sound of both the oscillators and the filters is absolutely awesome. I hope the developer continues to work on it… the Beta version is amazing!

      • Hello Full Bucket,
        can i ask you what is your profession?
        I am just curios because i cant understand that you have enough free time and generosity to develop these free synths :).

        Good Luck!

  2. Full Bucket rocks. Plain and simple. I didn’t even realize the older stuff had been ported to Mac, too! Outstanding.

  3. corrosiveabuser


    Love all the Full Bucket instruments, and the effects, – solid, stable and sonically sound.
    The fact they’re all free is unbelievable, but much appreciated.

    Much love to Full Bucket, and respect.

      • I´ve seen this:
        Beta Version 0.7.2 (31-Aug-2018)
        – new Drone Mode control

        but after installing the newest version (from 7.0 to 7.3), I couldn`t find this
        Mode. Is it possible to make a “Drone”-Preset???

        Thanks so far, Bernhard

        • The new “Drone Mode” control sits right under the “Voice” (Polyphony) control. Here you can select the note that should be played (no need for MIDI input).

  4. I love how the video goes in depth and shows the operation of the plugin instead of just presets. Thanks Full Bucket and BPB!

  5. The fact that this is free and not commercial is mindblowing! Thank You very much infinitely, Full Bucket Music! Don’t forget to make an example song with the ModulAir! <3

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