HY-Plugins Releases HY-Delay 4 FREE VST/AU Plugin


HY-Plugins has released HY-Delay 4 Free, the latest iteration of their freeware delay VST/AU plugin which is based on the full version of the HY-Delay 4 effect.

The most notable new feature in HY-Delay 4 Free is the ducker module which lowers the volume of the delayed signal when the incoming audio kicks in. This option is useful when you need to, say, add some delay to a lead vocal while making sure that the lyrics can be heard clearly. The attack and release parameters are used to adjust the timing of the ducking effect, whereas the sensitivity knob controls the threshold value at which the delayed signal will go silent.

Of course, the same thing can be achieved by sidechaining any other delay plugin within your DAW’s internal mixer. That said, HY-Delay 4 Free’s built-in ducker is super convenient and easy to use. If I need to set up a quick ducking delay effect, I’d much rather use an elegant solution like this one instead of patching things manually inside the digital audio workstation.

HY-Delay 4 Free offers several other interesting features, too. The delay time in the left and right stereo channels can be unlinked for creating wider sounding stereo delays. Additionally, the plugin can operate in ping pong delay mode so that the delay signal bounces between the left and right audio channels. It also includes a cross-feedback knob in the delay module, as well as a pair of filters and a 3-band parametric EQ for adjusting the tone of the delayed signal.

For sound designers who enjoy finding themselves in a bit of creative chaos, HY-Delay 4 Free comes with a preset randomizer. This option is quite useful if you want to explore different delay possibilities with a single click. The randomizer offers the ability to lock certain parameters while randomizing others. The developer has also included a preset manager, undo/redo functionality, and a freely resizable user interface.

If you’re looking for even more features, be sure to check out the full version of HY-Delay 4. It introduces four completely new delay modes (grain delay, groove delay, dual delay, and phase modulation), along with a wave shaper module, two built-in FX slots, macro controls, and more. It is a monstrously powerful delay tool which experienced sound designers will surely appreciate. The paid version of the plugin costs $48 but you can try the demo for free with certain limitations (the audio will fade in and out occasionally and parameter saving is disabled).

HY-Delay 4 Free is available for free download via HY-Plugins (12.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & MacOS).

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  1. I’ve been following HY-Plugins since they released their first filter plugin and I love every new one they released since then. The new delay also doesn’t disappoint.

    I don’t understand the reason though why they removed a lot of the earlier ones. The TP and LoFi can still be downloaded from Rekkerd and BPB but the old ChoFla is gone, and so is the great Phaser (which was actually updated to version 2). They were free and there isn’t really a new one that kinda replaces them. There is the free multiband effects plugin but using it for a simple chorus effect or like a phaser is a bit of a overkill.

  2. corrosiveabuser


    Found this on vst4free about a week ago, very nice, – I really like the HY-plugins GUIs, and their plugs are all top quality, low on CPU and glitch free. Always a welcome addition to the sonic arsenal.

    Thanks HY-plugins

  3. Does the free version come with presets? I can only find 4 zip-files called Factory01 – 04. But even when I extract them, I don’t get presets in the plugin. There’s only Factory 01 – 04. Am I doing something wrong or does the free version only come with these 4 presets?

    • The free version does indeed come only with 4 presets called, well, Factory 1-4. You don’t need to extract each separately, just set your default preset folder location inside the plugin through the menu to point to the location where you put them. That should give you the ability to choose them from the preset selector.

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