FREE Dulcimer Sound Library for LABS Released By Spitfire Audio


Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Dulcimer, a freely downloadable expansion pack for the LABS virtual instrument which is available in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstations on PC and Mac.

The expansion pack features the sounds of two different dulcimers. The samples were recorded by Christian Henson who is also the founder of Spitfire Audio. By recording a variety of playing techniques, Christian managed to capture the versatility of the two sampled instruments. The result is an expansion pack that is as streamlined and user-friendly as the rest of the LABS instrument range yet immensely expressive at the same time.

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The library comes with a wide selection of articulations. The large dulcimer was sampled with hammered, fingerpicked, and tremolo playing styles, all three of which boast rather unique and distinct sound characteristics. The mini dulcimer was played using the glissandi technique which provides even more contrast to the warmer and more substantial sound of the larger instrument. You can hear the library in action in the promo video embedded below.

To obtain your free copy of Dulcimer, visit the product page linked below and download the Spitfire Audio App installer by clicking the GET button. Once installed, Spitfire Audio App can be used to install the LABS plugin and all of the currently available expansion packs for it, including Dulcimer. The LABS instrument can be used in all VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin host applications on PC and Mac.

Dulcimer is available for free download via Spitfire Audio (3.7 MB download size, EXE installer, requires Spitfire Audio LABS).

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  1. corrosiveabuser


    The spitfire LABS instruments are so emotive and well recorded, it’s very easy to quickly make sublime sounding textures, – even a bad musician like myself, will find the tones surprisingly inspiring and they definitely push me in the direction of wanting to play better and experiment musically.

    soft piano, choir and electric piano are my favourites, – also love the “pianobook” instruments.

    Thank you Christian, and ALL involved.

    • Dave McIntosh


      Love the LABS library. Crazy good sounding voices for free, though the plug in can be a bit glitchy at times.

  2. The Spitfire Audio App manager thing is 3.7 MiB installer, the Dulcimer sound library is 778.5 MiB.

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