Mastering The Mix EXPOSE Is FREE With Any Purchase This Month!


Plugin Boutique is giving away a free copy of the EXPOSE software by Mastering The Mix to all email subscribers who make a purchase in their online store before September 30th, 2019.

EXPOSE is a standalone audio quality control application by Mastering the Mix. It is a software tool designed for music producers who want to check the quality of the final audio mix coming from their digital audio workstation of choice. This step is crucial for making sure that the final render is ready for uploading to music streaming platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and others. Thankfully, the developers at Mastering The Mix included a set of audio quality control presets which were calibrated to match the exact quality requirements of all popular streaming platforms.

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Using EXPOSE to validate the quality of a mix is pretty straightforward. After loading an audio file, the software will automatically scan the music track and measure its overall loudness, peak volume, stereo/phase information, and dynamic range values. If a quality issue is detected, the problem area will be highlighted in red in the audio waveform, helping the user to locate and fix the problem. EXPOSE won’t make any changes to the audio, but it will pinpoint the exact area where the quality issue is occurring in the audio track. The user can then fix the audio in their DAW and export the mix again for another check.

EXPOSE is normally priced at $36 but you can get it for free with any purchase made at Plugin Boutique this month. You will also need to be subscribed to Plugin Boutique’s email newsletter. To claim your free copy of Expose, visit this page on Pluginboutique’s website and follow the instructions or locate the pop-up window which is pictured above.

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More info: Mastering The Mix EXPOSE (FREE @ Pluginboutique until September 30th, 2019)


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