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Vienna Symphonic Library Releases FREE Big Bang Orchestra


Vienna Symphonic Library has released Big Bang Orchestra, a free sample-based orchestra virtual instrument. The instrument library is free to download but you will need a ViennaKey or some other USB eLicenser (by Steinberg or Arturia, for example) to activate the installation.

Big Bang Orchestra is powered by Vienna Symphonic Library’s freeware Synchron Player. This means that you can load the instrument as a VST, AU, or AAX plugin in any compatible digital audio workstation on PC and Mac. Although the library itself and the host instrument are free to download, a USB eLicenser is required for activation. Vienna Symphonic Library is currently offering the Vienna Key licenser for €15 in their online store (normally priced at €24).

The library features a “tutti” orchestra which was recorded using multiple microphones. The team at Vienna Symphonic Library has sampled a wide range of articulations, including staccatos, sustains, marcatos, swells, and runs. Big Bang Orchestra works great for layering over existing tracks, for adding a subtle orchestral vibe to a project, or for creating massive sound effects like orchestral swells and tension cues, and more.

Thanks to Synchron Player’s virtual mixer, the user can change the volume of each individual microphone channel. This only adds to the instrument’s flexibility, making it capable of delivering both intimate and epic orchestral performances. The included mixer presets are a great way to quickly browse to some of the types of orchestral ambiance that can be achieved with Big Bang Orchestra.

Find more info about the library on the product page linked below.

Big Bang Orchestra is available for free download via Vienna Symphonic Library (powered by Synchrone Player, requires eLicenser for activation).

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    • Bren Ben Benny


      Lame that you need a physical elicenser for this. I was hoping I could use a software licenser like iLok’s but I guess that’s a no-go. Booooo ;/

  1. This looks good!
    Btw Izotope Ozone Elements 8 is currently free on Plugin boutique until Oct 3rd 2019. No purchase required as far as I can tell.

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