Harrison Consoles AVA Mastering EQ Plugin FREE For A Limited Time


Harrison Consoles is offering the AVA Mastering EQ ($89 value) cross-platform mastering equalizer plugin as a free download for a limited time.

AVA Mastering EQ is a mastering equalizer in VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin formats for digital audio workstations on PC and Mac. The plugin is normally priced at $89 but you can get it completely free of charge for a limited time only via Harrison Consoles. The download also includes demo versions of Harrison Mixbus v5 and three additional mixing plugins.

Featuring a unique curve shape optimized for broad tonal adjustments and balancing, AVA Mastering EQ is more suitable for mastering than your standard mixing equalizers. The plugin features 31 control bands and a pair of filters (high-pass and low-pass) with an adjustable slope. The control bands cover the range between 20Hz and 20kHz increasing by ⅓ octave increments. The curve shape is defined by clicking and dragging the mouse cursor across the frequency diagram. The curve is then automatically applied to AVA Mastering EQ’s 31 bands. Holding the CTRL key will enable the fine adjustment mode for more precise control over the curve. This results in an intuitive mastering workflow that allows the user to focus on the sound and tonal balance without having to handle multiple knobs and control parameters.

AVA Mastering EQ also features a real-time spectrum analyzer with adjustable trim and decay. An instant bypass switch is also included easier A/B testing. The user interface can be resized from the drop-down menu or set to fit the screen width. The latter option is particularly handy if the plugin is displayed on a second screen.

The plugin sounds transparent and smooth thanks to the fact that the frequency response is “flat” between the adjacent band edges. In the words of its authors, AVA Mastering EQ is optimized for wide-bandwidth adjustments in smaller increments. It is intended for use on the master bus rather than the individual tracks in your audio project.

To download your free copy of the AVA Mastering EQ, visit the promo page linked below and complete the free checkout process. A valid email address is required to receive the license info. Keep in mind that your personal license key will only be stored for seven days on the server so be sure to save a backup for later use. The downloaded installer will also install four other Harrison Consoles plugins: AVA De-Esser, AVA Mastering Compressor, and AVA Legacy EQ. You can only use the provided license key to unlock the AVA Mastering EQ.

Many thanks to our reader Richard Bergman for informing us about this promo.

More info: AVA Mastering EQ (free for a limited time)

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  1. Thanks!!! The plugin is fantastic.

    Just a little reminded for those who install it, you can not choose the installation destination, so you might have to find it first and then manually move or copy the VST to your plugin folder. In my case I found the 32 bit version from program files (86)/Steinberg vst and the 64 version was in program files/Steinberg/vst plugins.

    The plugin name, if you have to search for it is, “Harrison_AVA-ME_64bit” or “Harrison_AVA-ME_32bit” depending on what version you are going to use. Cheers.

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