Quadravox Harmonizer By Eventide Is FREE Until October 29th


AudioPluginDeals is offering the Quadravox ($99 value) harmonizer effect by Eventide as a completely free download until October 29th. The software requires an iLok user account for activation.

Quadravox is a four-voice pitch-shifting harmonizer effect by Eventide. It is available as a VST, AU, and AAX plugin for any compatible digital audio workstation on PC and Mac. The plugin is normally priced at $99 but you can get it for free via AudioPluginDeals. The offer expires on October 29th, so act fast if you want to add this powerful pitch shifter to your arsenal free of charge.

Featuring Eventide’s industry-leading pitch-shifting technology, Quadravox is a must-have in any music production studio dealing with vocals or guitars. Use it to stack harmonies, add stereo width to instruments, or go crazy with the plugin’s creative capabilities. The powerful feature set is fronted by an intuitive user interface which makes Quadravox equally versatile and fun to use.

The user can manipulate each of the four pitch-shifted voices individually. You can adjust the volume, stereo pan, and delay time with feedback and pitch, right from the front panel. It is also easy to set the stacked voices to any type of musical interval. To help new users get started, Quadravox comes with over 60 presets which cover a range of harmonization effects.

AudioPluginDeals is offering two other great deals at the moment:

To claim your free copy of Quadravox, visit the page linked below and complete the checkout process. A valid email address is required to register your Eventide user account. You will also need to register for an iLok user account and install the iLok License Manager software.

UPDATE #1: Our readers have reported that they’re receiving a different plugin after signing up (Bowed Glass Clouds by Riot Audio). Hopefully, this is just a temporary issue that will be fixed soon. I will post an update here if and when the issue is resolved.

UPDATE #2: Despite the wrong link being delivered, you can simply use the provided serial key and license number to register your free copy of Quadravox on Eventide’s website. Create an account and visit the Product Registration page in your user area. After inserting the required info, the website will report an error but the software will be registered to your iLok account. Many thanks to our readers Bob, Brandon, and Kalin Tonev for the tips.

More info: Quadravox (FREE @ AudioPluginDeals)

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  1. I got another plugin… Riot_Audio_Bowed_Glass_Clouds_v1.1.zip this is really weird because I signed for the Quadravox.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Maybe it’s their server going crazy, or just an error on their end. Hopefully, it gets fixed soon. I’ll add the info about this error to the article and update it as soon as the issue is fixed.

  2. If there’s a SN: and KEY: after the download link that’s all you need to get Quadravox. Create an account at Eventide if you don’t have one already and go to your account details. Click on Register A New Product and pick Quadravox from the download list. Enter the SN: and KEY: from your order and your iLok username.

    I got an error about registereing the key when I did this but when I tried again a couple of minutes later it told me the key had already been used. When I checked my account Quadravox was there so the error might have been the Eventide site flaking out.

    Click on My Products and enter your iLok username to get to the downloads.

    • +1’ing this story, everything works for me. I had to log out and back in to my Eventide account to see it show up.

    • I second Bob. Just choose Quadravox Native from the menu, enter your serial and key and probably you’ll get an error message but checking your account and submitting your iLock user name will give you the installer. Thanks for that!

    • I haf almost the same issue except I dont see the plugin appears in my eventide plugin and it is locked in trail version in ilock.
      I am waiting for eventide support now…

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        In the “My Products” section on Eventide’s website, enter your iLok account username and click submit. Your active licenses should show up, including the Quadravox license.

        • I guess for some of us is not working this way. Same as X-RAYM when I tried to register I always got the key already used since the beginning. But no matter how much you try or you logout and login again Quadravox doesn’t show as registered.

          Maybe some serials got mixed and assigned to multiple people.

          I am waiting a response from audioplugin deals.

            • Thank you very much. I hope too.

              After getting in contact with Eventide support they confirmed the serial I was trying to use was already registered to another user. So I guess I need a completely new serial. Waiting now for Audio Plugin Deals support to reply about the issue.

  3. Same issue with wrong download….
    No key is provided only SN so cant register via Eventide website.
    Hope there’s a resolution soon!

  4. Hi
    I did as suggested above but me too I have “serial already used by another”and no matter login out and back in again I have no product registered and still “already used” if I try to do it again.
    Not looking for your support here as you’re not involved, just adding my issue too to the list :-)
    Hope Audio Plugin deals fix the issue

  5. When I try to use the license key I got on Eventides site I get: The given serial number is already registered to another user.

    Something seems not working properly at Audio Plugin deals…

  6. Totally worth jumping through hoops for this one (you need 2 accounts). Fast, free pitch shifters are hard to come by and this one provides a “live” mode tailored for low latency. All kinds of other cool stuff possible here too… Thanks!

  7. After a ridiculously convoluted effort to acquire this plugin, I’m getting the same error message on the Eventide site about the serial number already being in use. Unlike others have reported it does not appear in my iLok account.

    I realise that complaining about not receiving something for free is peak entitlement but I can’t help feeling that this was a complete waste of time. Meanwhile “AudioPluginDeals”, Eventide and Pace get my personal data for nothing in exchange.

  8. Yet another plugin I won’t be wasting my time on thanks to ilok. I have no idea why companies use it, it doesn’t stop piracy and is just an extra hassle for legit customers. Oh well, same as always.

  9. Straight from the horse’s mouth:

    ‘Eventide sincerely apologizes for anybody that may have received an error message or had difficulty registering. Unfortunately, APD has a glitch that when two people sign up at the exact same time they are issued the same serial.
    According to APD it only affected 1% of people but when you have tens of thousands of musicians, that number can add up.
    From my understanding, APD is in the process of issuing new codes to those affected.’

  10. I contacted four times the Audio Plugin Deals support via my account, about wrong key and serial, but nobody replied me. IMHO, it’s a false gift from Audio Plugin Deals, with the purpose to have a lot of e-mail addresses.

  11. I have contacted many and many times Audio Plugin Deals for the wrong key and serial, but still no reply. Since more than 3 months I’m waiting any help (you can see my two previous posts), so maybe I have to install a cracked version of Quadravox to run my license… any other idea or help ?

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