Get AudioThing Fog Convolver VST/AU Plugin For €29 (55% OFF)


VSTBuzz is running a 55% OFF deal on the Fog Convolver (€65 value) convolution reverb effect in VST and AU plugin formats for DAW software on PC and Mac.

Fog Convolver is a convolution reverb effect developed by AudioThing. It features a lightweight real-time convolution engine with optional true stereo mode for working with stereo reverb impulses. The plugin comes with 250 built-in impulse responses and supports IR file import. The loaded impulses can be tagged, rated, and sorted into categories for easy browsing. The user can also export the edited impulse responses as WAV files into the digital audio workstation via drag-and-drop.

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The user interface is organized into two main sections. The upper half sports control parameters and the loaded impulse response’s waveform display. The bottom half of the interface is where you’ll find the robust preset browser with the tag, category, author, and rating details for each impulse response. The included impulse responses are sorted into nine categories:

  • Designed
  • Instruments
  • Objects
  • Organic
  • Synths
  • Spaces
  • Microphones
  • Speakers
  • Gear

The loaded impulse recording can be edited using Fog Convolver’s powerful set of audio editing tools. The user can freely adjust the start and end, length, pitch, gain, pre-delay, fade, and various other parameters. It is also possible to filter the unwanted areas of the frequency spectrum using Fog Convolver’s pair of high-pass and low-pass filters.

A closer look at Fog Convolver's user interface.

A closer look at Fog Convolver’s user interface.

Fog Convolver is normally priced at €65 but you can get it for only €29 until November 26th, 2019. This deal is a VSTBuzz exclusive.

More info: (55% OFF until November 26th @ VSTBuzz)

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