Waves Audio Cyber Monday Special – Get 3 Plugins For $49.99!


Waves Audio is running a special Cyber Monday deal, offering the brand new Abbey Road Saturator ($199 value) and MDMX Distortion ($99 value) for only $49 when purchased together. Customers will also receive a Waves Audio plugin of their choice as a free bonus.

In addition to offering the OneKnob Wetter as a Cyber Monday freebie, Waves Audio released two new plugins yesterday. The newly released Abbey Road Saturator and MDMX Distortion can be purchased for only $49 over the next few hours. If you purchase them together during the promo period, you can add a third Waves Audio product to your order as a freebie.

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Abbey Road Saturator is an analog saturation plugin modeled after the legendary hardware from Abbey Road Studios. It models the characteristics of tube preamps and analog mixing consoles, ranging from subtle saturation to aggressive distortion. At its core is the emulation of the ultra-rare EMI TG12321 Compander module which was a secret weapon used by Abbey Road engineers.

MDMX Distortion is a bundle of three distortion plugins. These plugins emulate the three most popular types of guitar effect pedals: Screamer, Overdrive, and Fuzz. Each plugin delivers a classic tone while expanding on the standard features we’re used to seeing in traditional guitar distortion pedals. As an example, Screamer features the signature midrange boost in the 470–750 Hz range but implements a new Temperature control parameter that applies a custom EQ curve for added warmth.

Buy two Waves Audio plugins and get one for free.

Buy two or more Waves Audio plugins and get a bonus one for free.

During the Waves Audio Cyber Monday sale, 150 premium plugins are offered at a special $29.99 price. Visit the PRODUCTS page on the website linked below for more info.

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