Layers Is A FREE Orchestral VST Instrument By Orchestral Tools


Orchestral Tools has introduced Layers, a free orchestral sample library powered by SINE Player. The library can be used like a standard virtual instrument available in VST and AU plugin formats for compatible DAW software on PC and Mac.

Orchestral Tools Layers is an orchestral sound library designed for use with SINE player, a freeware virtual instrument plugin developed by the same company. The library features 17 GB of high-quality orchestral multi-samples. These are organized into four distinct instrument categories: Full Orchestra, Woodwinds, Brass, and Strings.

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According to Orchestral Tools, the Layers virtual instrument was designed to put pristine orchestral sound at the user’s fingertips with one-touch simplicity. The included samples were recorded at the Teldex Scoring Stage in Berlin. The sounds were captured using the highest-quality recording equipment and multiple mic positions for each sampled orchestral instrument. The hired performers were all professional musicians from contemporary Berlin orchestras.

In addition to these great-sounding orchestral samples, Layers provides an intuitive user interface that is suited for beginners. There are no advanced orchestra-specific controls and parameters to worry about. Layers can be played like any basic sample-based virtual instrument without any orchestration knowledge required. While this may be a disadvantage for more experienced users, it definitely makes the instrument a great starting point for musicians who are making their first steps with orchestral scoring.

All things considered, Layers is worth downloading if you want to expand your instrument arsenal with high-quality orchestral sounds. If you already own a decent orchestral sound library, Layers is not a must-have. As for the SINE Player software, it looks promising. If Orchestral Tools keep releasing free content for SINE Player, the excellent LABS virtual instrument platform from Spitfire Audio might be getting some decent competition.

To download your free copy of Layers, visit the product page linked below and complete the checkout process. A valid email address is required. After completing the procedure, download and install the SINE Player software on your computer. After launching the SINE Player for the first time (either standalone as a plugin), enter your Orchestral Tools user account credentials. Once logged in, download the Layers sound content from the My Licenses tab in Sine Player.

More info: Orchestral Tools Layers (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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Layers is a streamlined orchestral instrument plugin. It features high-quality orchestral samples in an easy-to-use interface. Although it can prove to be too simple for advanced users who require more in-depth control, beginners will benefit from this approach.

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Wow, this looks very promising. Is there any way to get this installed on an offline computer? Can I download to external hdd, install on the offline computer and do the autorization by using my limited bandwith mobile data stick on the offline computer?

  2. Great freebie! Beautiful sound, simple, clean and intuitive interface (though the mixer was a bit tricky to figure out at first). My only gripe is that the interface is too big for my 1366×768 monitor. Is it resizable? I cannot find the bottom right hand corner of the window to find out :/

    • Like Fotis mentioned, the GUI is way too big. There’s a lot of unused space on the plugin so there’s really no good reason for the GUI being that huge.

      Also, the CPU is through the roof on my years-old computer, which makes it nearly unusable for me.

      However, the sounds in Layers are fantastic for a free orchestral VSTi and if the devs are able and willing to make a resizable GUI and optimize it for better performance on less-than-stellar computers like mine, for every musician on a small budget this could be a perfect free alternative to those overpriced orchestra sample and Kontakt libraries.

    • I did a full install and the library is taking up 8.93GB. I recoiled in horror when I saw a similar number to you on install but it’s actually referring to your drive capacity.

  3. Thx Tomislav, there is not much stuff going here like years ago. but sure time changes for everyone. but sometimes i´ll comeback to find something like that for free so thx again and all the best for you.

  4. Pros: Sound is superb
    Execution: Website is difficult to figure out, as is the installation, usage
    Performance: Poor. And this on a 4.2GH Screamer machine with all SSD drives and memory to spare.
    Summary: I’ll wait until the US plays better with memory and DAW’s. Until then, I’m sticking with tools that already work.

  5. Does anyone have a problem with ACTIVATION?
    I see message “You System is curently offline. Please connect to the internet to proceed”.

    Firewall didnt notice any out or in connection.
    Nothing changes event when I turn off firewall completely.

  6. Jeremiah Lyles


    Layers was working in my 32Bit DAW before the quarantine but 9 months later it is not.
    Anyone with a link to a fix or with suggestions as to what happened?

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