Get Reason Lite Rack Plugin For FREE With Any Purchase!


Plugin Boutique is including a free copy of the Reason Lite Rack Plugin with any purchase in their online store until July 31st, 2020.

Reason Lite Rack Plugin is a lightweight modular plugin that includes nineteen legendary Reason devices. The modular rack comes with five virtual instruments, eight effects, and six MIDI utilities that can be combined to create custom instruments and modular effects. The software is compatible with any 64-bit DAW on PC and Mac capable of hosting plugins in VST3, AU, or AAX format.

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Here’s the complete list of Reason devices that are included in the Reason Lite Rack Plugin:

  • Redrum
  • Monotone
  • Subtractor
  • ID8
  • MIDI Out Device
  • Scream4 Distortion
  • RV7000 Reverb
  • DDL-1 Delay
  • CF-101 Chorus / Flanger
  • MClass EQ
  • MClass Comp
  • MClass Limiter
  • MClass Stereo
  • Scales & Chords
  • Combinator
  • Matrix
  • Spider CV
  • Spider Audio
  • Line Mixer

The plugin also supports Rack Extensions, which can be used in combination with the existing devices. The user is free to create any number of combinations using the available modules. However, only up to eight audio and/or MIDI tracks can be used when Reason Lite Rack Plugin is operating in standalone mode.

As you probably already know, the real advantage of using Reason devices is that the user can access the “back panel” of the virtual rack. This is where you can experiment with Reason Rack’s modular capabilities by connecting the devices using virtual cables. Create custom modulation presets by patching any number of instruments and effects together, or use a signal splitter to control multiple devices from a single source.

To claim your free copy of the Reason Lite Rack Plugin, purchase any other (not free) product at Plugin Boutique before July 31st, 2020. At checkout, be sure to enable the “Yes, I want to get this free gift!” option. Once you’ve completed the purchase, your Reason Lite Rack Plugin license will be available in the “Free Products” area of your Plugin Boutique user account.

Plugin Boutique is currently running a number of deals on audio software. For example, you can get a 93% OFF discount on the iZotope Iris 2 virtual synthesizer and receive the Reason Lite Rack Plugin as a free add-on to your purchase. The cheapest option would be to get the Reason Lite Rack Plugin for $4.99 by purchasing the Hybrid 3 synth by AIR Music Technology.

More info: Reason Lite Rack Plugin (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. Alter Diego


    Maaan after Space Modulator this? Never been this spoilt.

    The even more juicy question is, does this qualify for discounted upgrade to Reason Intro and Standard?
    Also apparently this includes a standalone 8-track version of Reason! Quote from PB:

    “Limited to 8 audio and/or MIDI tracks when used in standalone”

    Rarely seen a freebie with this kind of “value” x).

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Yeah, bad times globally, but there’s still some good news for us music producers, thanks to the generosity of the developers.

  2. speaking of plugin boutique, there’s a new #STAYINSPIRED pack going around. it has stuff from baby audio, w.a, and more

  3. Is there anything below 5$? They used to have presets and kontakt instruments for 1$ or so, but I don’t see anything cheaper than 5$ now

  4. This is actually Reason Lite including the rack version, not just the rack version which is kinda insane. I have so many drum sample packs that come with preset kits for Red Rum I can use now and Scream 4 is a classic effect plus they’re midi effects are top tier.

  5. Very nice freebie :-)

    But I just can’t get it to work in FL Studio 20

    Trying to load the rack wrapper, I am told it is an effect and can’t be loaded as an instrument must be loaded into Effects. I have unchecked combine VST and VST3, rescanned and verified plugins again a couple of times. But it will not work :-(

    It is also annoying that one has to be online to use it, having to log into the propellerhead account every time I load it up

  6. I got this by “accident” and not really sure what it does… anyone can recommend some good applications?

    • It is a “band in box”

      Install it, and you have a lightweight DAW, enough for most people to create a track

      If you already have a DAW, you can import Reason Lite into that as a VST

  7. Angelo Furlan


    Soar delay by JHS is $9 at Plugin Boutique, and I just bought it a few seconds ago. There’s a glowing review of Soar on this very site, which is why I bought it.

  8. The Reason Lite Rack Plugin is now available free again at Plugin Boutique. You can get either Reason Lite or your choice of three other freebies. I did make a purchase yesterday, intending to get Reason Lite Rack at the checkout page, but either I forgot to click the tab or I accidentally unselected it before my purchase. I opened up a customer ticket with Plugin Boutique and the next day they sent the serial number and installation for Reason Lite Rack. I’m pretty excited to try it because I have never tried Reason before!

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