ModeAudio Amplify Review (45 FREE Drum Samples Inside!)


ModeAudio has released Amplify, a collection of classic drum machine samples that sound extraordinarily gritty. The reason? The source drum machine sounds were processed with guitar amplifiers and distortion pedals.

Check out the Amplify library review and download a free taster pack that our friends at ModeAudio created exclusively for BPB readers.

808s & High-Gain Amps

Amplify is not your ordinary collection of drum machine samples. The sound design team at ModeAudio went crazy with this one, passing a set of five drum machines (505, 808, 909, HR-16, and Volca Beats) through an array of guitar amps and stompboxes.

We’re already used to saturating 808 bass drums using tubes and tape machines, but a guitar amp? That’s a pretty wild idea.

But the idea works.

The thing is, drum machine sample libraries tend to be boring. Most producers already own a hefty amount of samples featuring the 808, 909, and other classics’ legendary sounds. Why download more? However, not many other libraries feature classic drum machine sounds that went through this type of processing.

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Truth be told, Amplify is not a drum sample collection for everyone. If you’re looking for pristine samples of a classic drum machine, feel free to skip this one. If, on the other hand, your sample arsenal lacks a set of hard-hitting and over-the-top-distorted drum hits, Amplify could be the perfect fit.

While it’s no secret that a kick drum and a snare hit sound more punchy when distorted, I don’t recall playing my drum machine samples through a guitar amp. This is precisely what the sound design team at ModeAudio did with Amplify, delivering a collection of hard-hitting drums that will cut through a mix with ease. The library also features a set of percussion hits, hi-hats, and cymbals and a folder of layered drums that are ready to drag-and-drop into a project.

A wall of blinking amplifiers sits on the stage before you as the lights dim and an electric pulse ripples through the expectant crowd around you – the pure joy of noisy, amplified sound rings out in our latest release, Amplify – Driven Drum Samples!

Apart from the distorted drums, Amplify also contains a set of samples that were passed through a tape delay guitar pedal. These hits provide a nice contrast to the more aggressive-sounding guitar amp drums.

The Numbers

Amplify contains 381 drum samples in total. This includes 53 bass drums, 37 snares, 48 hi-hats, 21 cymbals, 67 percussion hits, 29 toms, 15 claps, and 45 layered hits. You also get 66 drum sounds that were processed with effects for a more original sound. As a bonus, the library includes 5 MIDI files.

The sounds are provided in 24-bit WAV format, with twelve drum kit sampler patches. The kits are compatible with Ableton Live, Logic Pro, and Reason. All included content is royalty-free.

The Conclusion

I loved the library because the included samples sound musical and polished, despite the generous amount of guitar amp distortion that was applied. Sure, anyone can grab a bunch of drum machines and pass them through all sorts of guitar gear. Somehow, ModeAudio managed to craft a truly useful drum kit due to this unusual processing chain.

So, are you looking for distorted 808 bass hits and gritty 909 claps? Need a hard-hitting HR-16 snare? Amplify is the drum library for you. Purchase the full version from ModeAudio or download the exclusive free edition here at BPB.

More info: ModeAudio Amplify (€17.66 regular price, currently on sale for €12.36)

Free Sample Pack

ModeAudio has provided an exclusive set of free Amplify samples for BPB readers. Download this bonus freebie below.

Download: ModeAudio Amplify Freebie (4.95 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 45 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format)

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ModeAudio Amplify Review


The included samples sound musical and polished, despite the generous amount of guitar amp distortion that was applied.

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