727 From Mars Sample Pack Is FREE Today Only!


Samples From Mars is offering the 727 From Mars ($29 value) sample pack as a free download today.

727 From Mars is a collection of Roland TR-727 samples in WAV format. It contains 1,102 drum samples that were captured directly from the 727 drum machine. Samples From Mars sampled all of the original sounds and provided them without any processing. The library also includes a set of saturated and pitched samples for added variety.

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All audio content is provided in 24-bit WAV format, with additional kits and preset files for a variety of popular digital audio workstations and samplers. The sounds were sampled to tape through an API 512 preamp. 727 From Mars includes a master drum rack for Ableton Live, 40 instrument presets for Kontakt, Logic, and Reason, as well as ten custom drum kits for Maschine, Battery, and AKAI MPC.

The original Roland TR-727 drum machine is a “Latin percussion” version of its older brother -the Roland TR-707. Although neither of the two reached the fame of Roland’s classic 808 and 909 instruments, the products in the 707 series are known for their clean and punchy sound. Samples From Mars took these original drums one step further, applying a bit of tape saturation for an added layer of crunch.

727 From Mars is a deeply sampled Roland TR-727 sound library.

727 From Mars is a deeply sampled Roland TR-727 sound library.

The coolest part of the 727 From Mars library is the set of sounds that were resampled from an analog tape machine. The tape was played at 30 different speeds, providing 30 chromatically pitched variations of each drum. As a result, every original TR-727 drum sound can be played as a chromatic instrument. This opens a world of possibilities for expanding the range of the original TR-727 and playing the 727 From Mars library as more than just a percussive machine.

When it comes to drum machine sample packs that capture the sound and feel of the sampled hardware, it’s hard to beat Samples From Mars products. The company has done an excellent job capturing a range of classic and rare drum machines, analog synthesizers, and a variety of quirky hardware instruments. Definitely check out their website for some fairly priced and authentic-sounding sample collections of iconic hardware instruments.

Happy 7/27! It’s another drum machine holiday at SFM, and another excuse to stay inside, and celebrate with a free download of the 727 From Mars. The 727 is the “latin percussion” companion to the 707. Featured on countless Chicago house, early Italo and acid records, these sounds are iconic, and super useful for injecting some retro percussive funk in your tracks. 

727 From Mars is offered as a free download at Samples From Mars. A valid email address is required to sign up and complete the free checkout process. You should also check out the Free Samples page on Sample From Mars’ website as it features a selection of free sounds from the company’s commercial releases

More info: 727 From Mars (FREE today only, contains 1,102 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format)

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