Function Loops Introduces Vocal Pop 2021 Sound Collection


Function Loops offers the Vocal Pop 2021 premium vocal collection for just $14 (limited offer).

The new sample pack is all about modern pop music. There are 177 files in total that include 160 24-bit WAV files and 17 MIDI files. Essentially, you get just about everything you need to create a track from start to finish.

Here’s a little rundown of what’s in the pack. It comes with 45 female vocals, lots of drum and instrumental loops, lots of one-shots, and some MIDI files.

I’m always a little wary of vocal samples in packs like this one. The first thing I want to know is, are they usable? Or do they sound like cheesy stock voices you’d find on an old Casio keyboard? After listening to them, the quality is good, and the melodies are nice. They don’t wander too much in terms of melody, which is good; it doesn’t tie you down to a particular sound. They are all pop vocals, but I mean, anything from pop to EDM to House, potentially.

The second thing I wonder about the vocals is when they are good, how can I change them? So I’m not the same as everyone else with the pack. I think there are enough vague vocals you can use as they are, and just get creative chopping the rest.

We can’t go into every sound, but if I had to pick a few standouts, I’d start with some of the pad and guitar loops. I like loops that arent too distinctive and could sound completely different on any given track. There are some music loops also that combine different elements together. I found one, in particular, that I really liked, that’s a synth bass loop with a lead sound giving some accents. I like that it has MIDI files, too, so you’ve got lines or progressions that you can drop into any key or sound.

If you use LoopCloud, or anything similar, you’ll be used to sample packs like this. I don’t think anyone ever uses every single sound in any, but this is a usable pack that will help you put tracks together quickly if you’re used to working with samples.

Right now, it comes with 235 bonus tools, including over 150 loops and 80 premium one-shots. The bonus content is only available for the next few days, so don’t hang about if you like the sound of it.

More info: Vocal Pop 2021

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