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VSTBuzz offers 70% off the Virtual Guitarist Amber plugin by Ujam. You can grab Virtual Guitarist Amber for €39 (€129 value) until March 17th, 2021.

Virtual Guitarist has been around for years, and it was one of the first virtual instruments to gain real momentum amongst music makers. Years after the original Virtual Guitarist and other virtual efforts like Scarbee Funk Guitarist and Sugar Bytes Guitarist, a convincing and flexible guitar is harder to come by than most virtual instruments.

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Virtual Guitarist Amber emulates a steel-string acoustic guitar and is intended primarily for pop and folk, singer-songwriter styles music. But, with more than 50 styles and 600 phrases, it’s pretty versatile.

I think you can use Amber comfortably across many styles because the kind of strumming it produces doesn’t usually take the limelight. It tends to provide a rhythm that allows something else to shine; therefore, it does its job without drawing too much attention.

Having said that, if you take a pop song like Justin Timberlake’s Like I Love You, where the strumming is very prominent, Amber will still do a convincing job.

Ujam has significantly changed the GUI since the Steinberg days, and everything is a little clearer now. In terms of playing style, the upper half of the interface is where you’ll see the key triggers laid out nicely. Your MIDI keyboard is split into three sections; common phrases, style phrases, and chords.

Once you find the phrases that you like, triggering them with your left hand and chords with your right hand is pretty straightforward.

The lower half of the GUI is all about shaping your tone. You have everything from drop tuning and pickup type to delay, chorus, reverb, and source selection (mic or pickup). The position knob allows you to alter the strumming hand position for a thicker/thinner sound. Amber has a shimmer effect that adds a bit more presence, helping the guitar find its place in the mix.

I have a bit of a soft spot for Ujam; my interactions with them always led me to believe they are an awesome team. They are musicians that think like musicians first, and that shows.

If I can’t get a guitarist, or I’m not happy with how I play something myself, I’d happily turn to Amber. In a well-mixed project, I wouldn’t expect anyone to say that’s not a real guitar

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  1. Thanks James & BPB, great stuff 😊
    Just to let you know, Mogwai Audiotools are having a sale.
    MGATE-MULTI is free, its a multiband gate, with 6 bands of seperation.
    I haven’t tested it out yet, so i can’t comment further.


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