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Audio Plugin Deals offers a 70% discount on Synthmaster 2.9 from KV331 Audio for a limited time. You can buy Synthmaster 2.9 (VST, AU, AAX) for just $29.90 ($99 value) until March 30th.

Despite being a multiple award winner, I think Synthmaster still flies under the radar a little with many potential users. It competes with just about any synth in terms of power and flexibility versus value for money.

Synthmaster 2.9 is a dual-layer semi-modular virtual synth and effects plugin. Because Synthmaster does so many things, there is a lot of info condensed into a relatively small space. The interface is pretty busy, but it’s very functional and provides plenty of visual feedback.

The interface comprises six tabs: Layer 1 & 2, LFO, FX, Browse, and Preset. When Layer 1 or 2 is selected, you’ll see the interface split into five sections. The sections are the layer editor, oscillators, filters, modulation sources, and the modulation matrix.

At the top left is the layer editor, where you can configure routing, FX, and arpeggiator settings for the selected layer. Each layer has up to two oscillators, four modulation oscillators, two filters, and five FX inserts.

Synthmaster 2.9 offers five oscillator types; basic, additive, wavetable, vector, and audio-in. Version 2.9 sees the number of unison voices per oscillator increased from 8 to 16, generating monstrous raw tones.

The wavetable oscillator mode showcases the most significant upgrade from previous versions. Now, you can load up to 256 single-cycle waveforms into a table compared to the older limit of 16. Waveforms come from the impressive internal library or your own external sources. You can also drag & drop multi-samples into the oscillator window, turning Synthmaster into a sampler that you can use to process your samples via the modulation matrix.

There are six filter types to choose from, including digital, analog, ladder, diode ladder, SVF, and bite. Beyond wavetable synthesis, some of the biggest enhancements come in the form of modulation arrangements. Modulation options have always been vast, but how Synthmaster arranged them has been a little convoluted in the past. In version 2.9, the mod sources window is stripped down to 6 modulator menus.

Each menu covers a different modulator type; ADSR and multi-segment envelopes, voice and global LFO’s, keyscalers, and 2D envelopes. The modulation matrix offers various filtering options, so you only see what you need to at any given time.

Having sat in on some of their demos, I can say the KV331 Audio team is synth-crazy and lots of fun. I think that passion comes through in Synthmaster, and the fact they always maintain a reasonable price when many others don’t.

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  1. I don’t know, I don’t think the new ui is that bad–though to be fair I haven’t used the synth since the old blue-green UI (which had downright confusing button and section names). The MANUAL, on the other hand, was a bit of a dumpster fire… which is such a shame, because the synth itself is kind of amazing. (smh)

    • Division One


      I disagree. The synth itself had been through long journey and now it’s a beast. It’s my go to tool every time – my clean installation every single time starts from : os , drivers , daw and synthmaster . It has literally every single syntesizing method in one handy synth. Hope they upgrade arp/sequencer for some time (only one thing – to make it scalable).

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