#StayCreative Offers FREE Ozone Elements, Sounds, Tuts & More!


Beatport, Loopcloud, iZotope, and Producertech have joined forces with Plugin Boutique to bring you #StayCreative.

It’s not the first time these audio production giants have got together; this time, it’s to help people stay positive and creative through the challenging times we are all experiencing.

#StayCreative (available 30th March – 18th April 2021) is a campaign that provides FREE access to plugins, instruments, and tutorials.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a prolific producer or you’ve never made a single track; we all need little help now and then. Whether you are struggling creatively or struggling with day-to-day life, #StayCreative could be the boost or distraction you need.

#StayCreative offers you 2-month free trials to Loopcloud and Beatport LINK, as well as a 2-month all-access Producertech membership and 2 FREE plugins from Plugin Boutique. Let’s break down what you get with each freebie.

Loopcloud’s 2-month Artist Plan Subscription gives you access to over 4 million sounds and some clever production tools and effects. You get 100 points to purchase sounds and 10 free sounds per day. Right now, it also gives you access to the Krotos Simple Concept synth.

Beatport LINK is the ultimate streaming platform for DJs. It allows you to link your enabled device to Beatport’s huge catalog of music. You also get access to the Beatport DJ Web, an innovative way to find new tracks, create/manage/mix playlists, and streamline your workflow.

Producertech is a platform that offers over 400 hours of tutorial material. Everything you need, from music production masterclasses to project templates, and presets are included in the all-access free trial.

Producertech has also put together a comprehensive beginners guide to working with the Beatport DJ App. If you have found yourself with more spare time than planned through lockdown, working your way through Producertech’s content isn’t a bad way to spend it.

Spread by DJ Swivel is a stereo imaging plugin.

Spread by DJ Swivel is a handy stereo imaging plugin.

The free plugins included are Spread by DJ Swivel (£34.96 value) and iZotope’s Ozone Elements (£111 value).

Spread is a one-knob plugin that allows you to alter the stereo image of up to 3 independent user-definable frequency bands.

Ozone Elements is an entry-level but powerful version of iZotope’s flagship Ozone Advanced. It’s the perfect plugin for beginners to learn about mastering, and it delivers professional results that should satisfy the most advanced users.

As cliché as it may be, I do believe music saves lives. It could be as little as a song that holds dear memories or using songwriting/production to channel your emotion.

For me, it’s often finding some blissful ignorance at the piano, playing nothing in particular. I’m a big advocate of using music to promote good mental health, so well done #StayCreative.

More info: #StayCreative (offer ends on April 18th, 2021)

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  1. Is the loopcloud offer not eligible for those that have already used their one free month offer? I just get “This IP has already been used for a free trial, please proceed to continue with a monthly subscription.” which makes me not want to try it. Thanks!

    • As far as I’m aware, you can still do it, but you’ll only get 1 month of Loopcloud and the free Krotos Simple Concept. I’m sure if you reach out to PB, they will help you get it sorted.


  2. just an FYI to people I & a lot of other people have had the issue of producertech charging you after the first week even if you use the code for 2 free months. happen the last time this offer was on.
    just to let people know to remove their card details straight away

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