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Audio Plugin Deals offers an 82% off deal on SLAM2 ($9 sale price) by Beatskillz for a limited time. This offer is available until the 22nd of April, 2021.

SLAM2, Beat Phatenner, is a processor that makes your tracks/busses/mixes sound crisp, fat, big, tight, and more, all from one intuitive plugin.

So, the idea is that Slam2 does complex things without overwhelming you with technical detail. We see plugins take that approach quite often, and it’s not a bad thing at all, as long as the plugin hits the mark.

If it doesn’t, then all you have is a plugin that doesn’t do what you need it to and offers limited control to users.

If it does hit the mark, it makes complex processing available to beginners, and it’s a massive time-saver for more advanced users. I know some users are skeptical of plugins that try to simplify complex things, but if it sounds right and saves time, I’m all for it.

SLAM2 has a good-looking interface with some simple controls. From left to right, we start with the Mud Cut, which is a simple low cut filter. Next, we have Thump and Boom, which are both tools to enhance your bottom-end. Boom is a sub-harmonics generator that adds character. Thump is a variable peak filter that allows you to tighten things up in the low frequencies.

In the central panel of the GUI, we have Heat, Airz, and a dry/wet slider. Heat provides 2 modes of saturation, from subtle to over the top. Airz enhances the highs, adding a little sparkle and creating some space to breathe if your top-end is a little too dark.

Next up is the compression section, with Crush and Pop. Crush is an inflating limiter that you’d use when you want volume with controlled peaks. Pop is interesting because it adds more punch to your sound by emulating the famed 1176 compressor.

I don’t own an original 1176; I have plenty of software emulations and a few hardware clones, and I use them often. According to Beatskillz, the setting they used for the Pop control makes it suitable for a wide range of sources, so I’m keen to test that out.

Lastly, we have Width, a stereo widener that can collapse a track to mono if turned the opposite way, which could be useful.

I don’t have SLAM Dawg or any other previous versions, so I cant make a direct comparison. But judging by the response so far, SLAM2 seems to show significant improvements.

SLAM2 is available for macOS and Windows in 64-bit VST3, AU, and AAX formats.

More info: SLAM2 (only $9 @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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