Yum Audio Offers Exclusive 20% OFF Discount For BPB Readers! (EXPIRED)


Yum Audio releases four new plugins for macOS and Windows. The developer is offering an exclusive 20% OFF discount to all BPB readers (coupon code YUMBPB-20OFF).

Yum Audio may be the new kids on the block, but they have certainly hit the ground running in terms of productivity.

The first four products in their range are Spread, Spread Light, Lofi Playtime, and Lofi Pitch Dropout.

Before talking about the plugins, I want to highlight a couple of things about the Yum Audio website. Firstly, the Asian takeaway theme, it’s different; I like it without knowing why.

Secondly, there’s a line from the developers that I love: “audio software should inspire you and help to fuel creative endeavors, not complicate them.” So many plugins would be much better if they just got out of their own way and didn’t over-complicate things.

Yum Audio Spread

Yum Audio Spread

Spread ($99 standard price, $79 with discount) is a stereo processing plugin with a bit of a twist. Unlike the typical stereo imaging plugin, Spread allows you to split your audio signal between four frequency bands.

Precise manipulation of width and panning for each frequency band means everything sits exactly where you want it.

The GUI makes it easy to adjust settings accurately at speed. Each band has two available processing modes, mid-sid and Haas mode, and there’s a single Intensity slider to blend the overall processing strength.

Yum Audio Spread Light

Spread Light by Yum Audio

Spread Light ($49 standard price, $39 with discount) is a lightweight version of Spread that we covered on BPB recently. It was available as a FREE download for a limited time only and it’s priced at $49 at the moment.

We featured Spread Light in our freeware news section last month. Check out our in-depth look at Spread Light by Yum Audio.

Yum Audio Lofi Playtime

Yum Audio Lofi Playtime

Lofi Playtime ($99 standard price, $79 with discount) is a clever and quirky little plugin that lets you do interesting things with time and pitch. You get two virtual tape machines, each with playback speed and direction controls. Slowing the playback speed drops the pitch an octave while playing it fast raises the pitch an octave.

Each tape machine also has an Age function that introduces fluctuations and inconsistencies that you’d get from an older, more worn machine.

One of the highlights is the Freeze function that allows you to create looping textures on either/both tape machines. The thing that makes it so good at creating interesting textures is that you can adjust the playback settings while the tape is frozen.

It’s one of those plugins that might inspire something out of nothing.

Yum Audio Lofi Pitch Dropout

Yum Audio Lofi Pitch Dropout

Lofi Pitch Dropout ($75 standard price, $60 with discount) delivers variations of pitch errors as caused by worn tapes. It features six different modes, including Cassette Flux, Heavy Drop, Driplets, Broken VHS, Vintage Player, and Pyramid.

Like any tape effect plugin, you can define the strength of the effect and trigger it at the touch of a button.

There is a Chance slider that increases or decreases the chance of dropouts occurring. Applying the Chance function adds the randomness or unreliability that you’d get from an old tape machine.

Another cool feature is the Channel Selector, making the dropouts happen individually left and right when set to stereo.

Yum Audio – Exclusive Discount! 🤑

Yum Audio seems to be focused on creating plugins that are both simple and musical in approach. I like that, and I’m sure there is much more to come.

If you’re interested in checking out Yum Audio’s plugins, use the coupon code YUMBPB-20OFF at checkout to apply a 20% OFF discount to your order.

The offer ends at midnight on July 15th, 2021.

More info: Yum Audio (get 20% OFF with coupon code YUMBPB-20OFF until July 15th, 2021)

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  1. glad i picked up that spread light while it was free! been using it a lot, super useful alternative to the s1

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