MFreeformAnalogEQ Is FREE With Any Purchase @ ADSR Sounds


MFreeformAnalogEQ ($59 value) from MeldaProduction is FREE with every purchase at ADSR Sounds. The giveaway will be available with qualifying purchases throughout the month of September.

MFreeformAnalogEQ (usual value $59) takes a different approach to equalization. Rather than using bands to adjust the EQ, you can custom draw any frequency response that you want.

The plugin works by applying analog filters to match the drawn response (MeldaProduction Filter Adaptation). Using analog filters instead of FFT processing avoids many latency and audio quality issues encountered in plugins like MFreeformEqualizer.

Although you won’t always get the exact response you were going for, you get the closest possible recreation using analog filters. The number of bands specified in the Maximum Bands setting represents the number of filters that can be applied; the more filters, the more accurate the response.

The GUI is pretty similar to that of MDynamicEQ, from Melda Productions, that we covered recently.

They both share the same Areas, Analyzer, and Sonogram features. MFreeformAnalogEQ isn’t meant to be a surgical EQ at all, but these features do provide very detailed visual feedback. The Sonogram has a Super-Resolution feature that increases resolution in the bass frequencies. It also has a Deharmonization feature that makes it easier to analyze fundamental frequencies.

You’ll notice that alongside the main controls (Range, Dry/Wet, Output), is a Saturation knob for adding some extra vintage analog character.

The GUI is also fully resizable and styleable. So, if you don’t like the default skin, you can change it to any color scheme you want. I still find some of the premade color schemes a bit unattractive to work with, but who cares when you can change it anyway.

To create a more hands-on workflow, you can map all parameters to a suitable MIDI controller/keyboard.

If you’re a media composer who produces audio for games or film, you’ll be glad to know that MFreeformAnalogEQ can handle up to eight channels of surround audio.

MFreeformAnalogEQ isn’t an EQ for all occasions, but it does offer an easier alternative to a typical parametric EQ in some situations.

MeldaProduction is an innovative developer, and any time you can pick something up for free, it’s worth having a look.

More info: MFreeformAnalogEQ (FREE with any purchase @ ADSR Sounds)

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