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Audio Plugin Deals offers the Syntronik Bully ($40 retail price) virtual instrument by IK Multimedia as a free download until the end of September 2021.

Syntronik Bully is an expansion sound library for IK Multimedia’s free Syntronik virtual instrument platform. While the Syntronik plugin itself is freeware (and bundled with a handful of freebie sounds), the expansion packs require payment.

One such expansion pack is the Syntronik Bully library which samples the legendary Moog Taurus analog synthesizer. The Taurus is famous for its earth-shattering analog bass sounds and a unique “pedal board” shape.

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If a bass-minded analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog sounds like your kind of jam, then its virtual counterpart from IK Multimedia is at least worth a try. And while it isn’t exactly a no-brainer at its base price of $40, the Syntronik Bully is an absolute steal if you get it for free.

As with all the other Syntronik expansions, Syntronik Bully uses static samples of the original instrument as the primary sound source. That said, you’re still able to get creative in the sound customization department thanks to Syntronik’s elaborate modulation capabilities, filters, and built-in effects.

In other words, you can reshape, restructure, and otherwise personalize the provided Moog Taurus samples to your liking. Using Syntronik feels a lot more like playing a virtual synthesizer than a sampler.

Of course, the library comes with a selection of presets that you can use right away if you don’t want to mess with sound design. This particular release comes with 100 instrument patches based on 1 GB of audio content and over 1,000 individual samples.

Here’s more info about the Syntronik Bully virtual instrument:

“The first version of the Taurus became an instant classic in the mid-70s with its distinctive oscillator detuning and unique-sounding sawtooth waveforms. The Taurus II, was based on the Moog Rogue and was never as popular despite much-added functionality.

The third version, released 35 years after the first version, recaptured much of the glory of the original design along with some additional modern functionality. All three versions of the Taurus are represented in Syntronik.”

And here’s a quick Syntronik Deluxe overview video:

To grab your free copy of Syntronik Bully, visit the Audio Plugin deals product page linked below and go through the free checkout process. The free download offer expires on October 1st, 2021.

You will also need to sign up for an IK Multimedia user account to register and activate your free product.

More info: Syntronik Bully (FREE @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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    Many thanks to BPB readers Wing Yee, Lukas K., Jawnson, Michal O., and Stefan for the info about this incredible deal.

  2. Thanks, man!

    Have you heard of IK’s promo of buying 18 for the price of 1? Until the end of the month, depending on the number of buyers, it can get to 25 for the price of 1.

  3. Nice to see that Bully is once again available for free. If this sale goes like a few years ago, the Memory-V too is going to be given as a freebie.

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