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Audio Plugin Deals has launched a new deal on Panagement 2 by Auburn Sounds. With this offer, you can get this sweet plugin for just $11.99 (retail price $52), a massive 77% discount!

Panagement 2 is dubbed as a ‘spatialization laboratory’ – a powerhouse of stereo effects that allow you to modify and position your tracks within the binaural field for an authentic 3D feel.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most cutting-edge stereo plugins we’ve seen, with a host of features that give you complete, raw control over stereo tracks:

  • Binaural Distance Panner: This allows you to position the track precisely where you want it in the stereo field, with full 180° panning and distance controls too.
  • Reverb and Delay Modules: The reverb allows you to add realism to the distance modeling with early and late reflections (both automatic). At the same time, the delay enables you to set up complex spatial effects.
  • LFO: The low-frequency oscillator lets you play with even more tonal possibilities by ducking the sound in and out.
  • PGMT-400 Chip Mod: This mysterious setting adjusts the algorithms applied to the stereo effects.

The reverb mod also comes with 5 different wall presets – Concert, Heaven, Wood, Cave, and Dark. On top of that, the Width and Tilt controls allow even more customization.

Auburn Sounds continues this plugin’s futuristic feel into its interface, which has a sleek Tron-style design that includes a goniometer for instant visual feedback.

Here’s a quick video that demos the plugin’s features:

Before you decide to buy this, check out the Panagement 2 Free Edition, which lets you try out all the main features except the Binaural Delay and the PGMT-400 Chip. In fact, the free edition may be good enough for most hobbyists.

There’s a LOT you can do with this plugin: position tracks across the stereo spectrum, enter/exit tracks with realistic reverb fades, add tempo-synced modulations to your instruments, and create complex tap-synced delays in the stereo field.

While the onslaught of features and the techno-babble may seem daunting to new users, this plugin is surprisingly user-friendly. I took the free version out for a spin, and it took me no time to get the hang of the controls here. They even included a convenient cheat sheet!

So if you’ve been struggling to get your stereo tracks to sit in the mix, Panagement 2 can help. There’s a free edition that does most of the job, and the affordable upgrade lets you go all out with stereo delays and experimental effects.

By the way, Auburn Sounds also developed Graillon 2, our favorite free autotune plugin.

More info: Panagement 2 (77% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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