Holiday Freebies For Music Producers (2021 Edition)


The holiday season is here, and so are the free VST plugins! Developers and sound design labels keep spoiling us with fabulous Christmas gifts each year, and 2021 isn’t an exception. The article below lists all the best Christmas 2021 freebies for music producers.

The article will be updated every day, so come back soon for more freebies. Also, feel free to share any tips and suggestions in the comments section below.

Happy holidays and thanks for reading BPB! :)

Plugin Boutique offers DJ Swivel Spread, Pulsar Smasher, denise My Crush

Plugin Boutique Holiday Gifts: FREE Plugin With Any Purchase

Plugin Boutique offers a free bonus plugin with any paid purchase. You can choose between DJ Swivel Spread, Pulsar Smasher, and denise My Crush. If you’re buying multiple plugins from Plugin Boutique this month, purchase them separately to collect all the freebies.

The offer ends on January 3rd, 2022.

More info: Plugin Boutique

SampleRadar Advent Calendar

SampleRadar Advent Calendar

SampleRadar offers a new free sample pack every day until December 25th, 2021.

“For a true sample collector, nothing beats the feeling of crate digging. No, we don’t mean sampling endless YouTube videos or MP3s on your computer, but getting off your behind, hunting down a dusty record shop, wiping off an old, forgotten record, dropping the needle onto it, and hearing a crackly old sound that could be the basis for a whole track.”

Their free sound libraries are a goldmine of audio loops and samples for music producers. From jazzy loops to retro video game sounds and modular synth samples, you’ll undoubtedly discover a few gems for your collection.

More info: SampleRadar

Foundation: Keys

Foundation: Keys by Abletunes

Abletunes released the Foundation: Keys sound collection for Ableton Live.

“Unlike other piano libraries that are designed for more “classic” arrangements and require lots of processing to fit today’s Pop and Dance music, FOUNDATION: KEYS offers an expertly curated selection of ready to use piano racks that allow you to focus on the music and keep the creative flow.”

The library includes 25 multi-sampled instrument racks for contemporary music styles. It’s a 2 GB download designed to deliver modern-sounding pop and dance piano and synth sounds.

The racks are equipped with macro controls that allow the user to tweak and morph the sounds.

More info: Abletunes

Goldbaby TekDrum vs AnalogHeat

Goldbaby TekDrum vs AnalogHeat

Goldbaby released a free sample pack called TekDrum vs AnalogHeat. It features the sounds of the PatchBlocks Tek Drum captured through the Elektron Analog Heat.

If you’re looking for crunchy analog drum sounds, this one’s a must-download. Goldbaby delivers some of the best drum sample packs on the market. Be sure to check out his Free Packs page for more drum sample goodness.

If you want to upgrade to a premium library, use coupon code 21XMAS40 during checkout to apply a 40% OFF discount to your order.

More info: Goldbaby

Ghosthack Advent Calendar

Ghosthack Advent Calendar

Ghosthack releases new freebies every day until December 24th.

Visit his Advent Calendar to access all the freebies released to date. You’ll find a variety of sound effects, production loops, 808 samples, and more.

More info: Ghosthack

Accusonus Christmas Free Pack

SFX Cellar

Accusonus released Christmas Free Pack, a free collection of Christmas sound effects from SFX Cellar.

You can preview the sounds on the promo page and download the ones that you find interesting. All sounds are Christmas-themed, ranging from Santa Claus voices to sleighbell loops.

If you’re working on some Christmas tunes, this collection will certainly come in handy.

More info: Accusonus

Arturia Tape MELLO-FI

Arturia Tape MELLO-FI

Arturia released Tape MELLO-FI, a lo-fi tape effect based on the Mellotron-V virtual instrument. It’s free to download until December 31st.

Tape MELLO-FI comes with a surprisingly versatile feature set, including pitch instability, filtering, saturation, stereo enhancement, and more. The plugin sounds authentic, and it’s a must-have if you’re making lo-fi music.

Visit our news article to learn more about the plugin.

More info: Tape MELLO-FI

Acustica Audio Eminence

Eminence is Acustica Audio’s gift to all music producers. It’s a vintage-style console plugin with a preamp, 3-band EQ, and a compressor.

“As per our tradition, every year for Xmas we like to surprise our faithful users with a gift for their loyalty and support. This year isAcustica Audio Eminence no exception, so please give a warm welcome to Eminence, a ‘vintage’ tool to add “mojo” to your music and give you that old-school sound!”

If you want to make your DAW sound more vintage, grab this analog-style upgrade for free.

More info: Eminence

Signature Artist Kicks

Signature Artist Kicks is a free collection of bass drum samples by Echo Sound Works.

The library contains 90 kick drum samples, inspired by Echo Sound Works’ favorite music producers. The collection is useful if need modern-sounding kick drums that will fit contemporary electronic music projects.

Download: Signature Artist Kicks

Rast Sound Didgeridoo

Rast Sound released Didgeridoo, a free sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt (full version required).

“Aboriginal instrument Didgeridoo is now available as a free Christmas gift for a limited time.”

It’s a limited-time freebie offer, so hurry up and grab your free copy if you’re interested.

Download: Rast Sound Didgeridoo

LABS Christmas

LABS Christmas is a free expansion pack for the LABS virtual instrument by Spitfire Audio.

It’s the perfect addition to your collection of Christmas sounds. The library features sleigh bells, a glockenspiel, and even some Christmas-inspired vocal recordings.

Download: LABS Christmas

Sounds Cheatsheet Guide

Here’s something a bit different. W.A. Production celebrates Christmas with a free collection of sound design tips in PDF format.

“The Sounds Cheatsheet Guide from W. A. Production contains all of our sound-specific cheatsheets designed to help you learn about the various characteristics found in different instruments. Use this book as a reference to improve your sounds! Fix your boxy snare, add presence to your vocal, brighten up your piano, and much more, all by following the guidelines in this FREE eBook.”

You can download the document by entering your email address on the promo page.

Download: Sounds Cheatsheet Guide

More freebies coming soon! Check our News section for freebies that aren’t listed here and feel free to post tips and suggestions in the comments section below.

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  1. Thank you so much. Your work helps us a lot.
    Whenever I receive an email from you I run to open it to see what you offer us.
    Merry Christmas

  2. Edu Prado is offering Tom Superball until the 24th.
    Audio Ollie is offering Memoir Piano.
    Westwood Instruments is giving away Upright Felt Piano.

    Arturia’s Tape Mello-Fi is awesome.

    Merry Christmas to BPB and yall. Thanks for all the news and BPB freebies, they’re always great :D

  3. Alfredo Fernández


    This is a great page, as always bringing the best for us
    Good luck to all of you and I wish you happy holidays and a happy new year.

  4. Marco of Beat Magazine share a gigabyte of Moog DFAM drum samples for free

  5. Ableton Live Lite is free with latest issue of Computer Music (304). Anybody who has bought a MIDI controller probably already has it though

  6. Beat Magazine (no 193) comes with two AAS soundpacks of choice for free. These are often on sale, but at full price they retail at $39 each. Not a bad deal for €5 available to buy next week

  7. Didgeridoo sounds like it’d be awesome. Seems like Rast’s site is down though. In case anyone missed this and/or has the same problem as me, there is a free synthesized didgeridoo plugin that actually sounds pretty good from a plugin creator named Quilcom. It’s called SIM-DIDGE. Technically it gives you a lot more flexibility since it’s synthesized, but at a slight cost of authenticity/quality. You might be surprised how well a synthesizer can emulate it though, go check it out.

  8. “Stargate” is a recently launched Open-Source DAW. I searched and couldn’t find it listed on BPB. Could be interesting to check out:

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