OrangeFlavor Is A FREE Saturation Effect By SNFK Music


SNFK Music has launched OrangeFlavor, a new saturation effect plugin, and it’s completely FREE! It’s available for direct download on SNFK’s Patreon page for both macOS and Windows.

Orange Flavor is a saturation effect plugin with the most straightforward UI imaginable. The interface has just two settings, one for drive and the other for gain. There is a frequency visualizer for any harmonics that get added during the processing, which gives you a pretty accurate idea of what you are changing.

The sound engine and UI have been redesigned several times to give a worthy final product. The software feels polished and ready to take on production in any studio.

Along with its unique saturation style, OrangeFlavor features an anti-aliasing algorithm. The algorithm works automatically without you having to mess with its settings and removes any anomalies from your output. This does color the sound to an extent, but the results are usually very pleasing.

The simplicity of the UI and the automatic anti-aliasing algorithm make its use extremely easy. The UI also looks very cool and minimalistic. I tested it myself, and I found it added some much-needed warmth to guitar DI tracks and vocals as well. As a simple saturation plugin, you can likely use it on any instrument in any genre.

It’s only available in the VST3 format for Windows and AU format for macOS, so no VST2, AAX, or 32-bit support yet. But the performance is sublime, and it runs smoothly even on older computers.

If you like the Orange Flavor plugin, consider supporting SNFK on Patreon. Their Patreon pledges start from the Coffee tier at $3 and go up to $20 for the “Steve Duda Himself” tier. Supporting projects like SNFK certainly carves the way for more great indie software. And if you can’t donate, you can submit your feedback to help future development.

Sean Funk is the man behind SNFK Music, who started creating plugins when he got stuck during lockdown with nothing to do. He was inspired by Steve Duda (creator of Serum and Xfer) to get into this kind of development.

SNFK has several free plugins and preset packs, such as the Fleeter Transient Processor, GDoubler, SKLA Leveling Amplifier, and the GlowComp. Some of their programs are also open-source and available on their GitHub page.

If you’re looking for more effects to add to your arsenal, the OrangeFlavor is undoubtedly worth a try. It’s a beautiful-looking saturator that can quickly add some warmth and harmonics to any track – all for free!

Download: OrangeFlavor (2.83 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 64-bit VST3/AU plugin format for Windows & macOS)

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