Arturia Analog Lab Intro Is FREE With Any Purchase This Month


Plugin Boutique is continuing the trend of monthly gifts with Arturia’s popular Analog Lab Intro. You can get your free copy until February 28th with any qualifying purchase.

As usual, a qualifying purchase must be a paid product, and you can’t pay entirely with a voucher or virtual cash (anything less than 100% is OK). Plugin Boutique has a massive selection, so even if you don’t really need anything, you can grab something cheap and claim your freebie.

Analog Lab Intro is a great place to start for anyone who doesn’t have lots of virtual instruments. I have a few Arturia KeyLab controllers, and at the time of buying, each came with a license for Analog Lab 4.

Even with a lot to choose from, I still rate some of the sounds from Analog Lab very highly, so if it’s going free, I’d always suggest grabbing it quickly.

The difference between the full version and Analog Lab Intro is that you get far fewer presets with the Intro edition. But, you still get 500 presets across 28 iconic instruments.

I haven’t gone through this version, but knowing what I think of the full version, I’d imagine many of those 500 presets are top-notch. Generally, if I’m using Analog Lab, it’s for synth basses or pads, but there are some great leads, too.

With the other keyboard instruments, I’m not crazy about the acoustic pianos, but some of the electric piano presets are gorgeous.

Each preset comes with a selection of essential controls that make it easy to make them sound unique. It also comes with a pretty handy FX section with various effects and processing tools.

Analog Lab is pretty straightforward, but Concert Mode makes it easier with a performance-ready interface. You can do things like split and layer sounds if you are performing, which is pretty cool.

Don’t miss Analog Lab Intro for free if you don’t have it already.

It’s available in 64-bit VST 2.4, VST 3, AU, and AAX formats for macOS (M1 not yet officially supported) and Windows. It also runs in standalone mode.

Throughout February 2022, Plugin Boutique will also be running some 10th-anniversary promos with up to 86% off. These promos include Palindrome from Glitchmachines ($10.75 – list price $81.02), KV331 Synthmaster ($5.33 – list price $31.05), as well as an extensive range of heavily discounted Softube products.

Find all the 10th-anniversary deals at Plugin Boutique.

If you have lots of plugins and don’t plan to buy any more right now, well, you can always try again next month.

UPDATE: Our reader Gris shared a great tip in the comments section. “Arturia is doing a Flash Sale on their website for the upgrade! You can upgrade Analog Lab Intro for 39€ to Analog Lab V! So if you are quick, you get a 5€ Plugin at PluginBoutique, register it to your Arturia Account and get the Upgrade offer.” Thanks for the tip, Gris!

More info: Analog Lab Intro (FREE with any purchase @ Plugin Boutique)

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  1. I am vary about this, in order to access 500 patches, does it mean a user have to download every Arturia plugin, running in the background?
    For just using Arturia Analog Lab, it is a harddrive hog, that is my experience.

      • I got the arturia free instrument yesterday with my Izotope purchase. They have at Plugin boutique some Izotope protucts at about 10€. I think they have Trash, Iris, Breaktweaker, Sttuter edit and some exponential reverbs at that price.

      • So Analog Lab Intro is different to Analog Lab ? In my ProgamData folder (Windows 10) I have a 3GB+ folder that became installed when I installed Analog Lab, it contains dll for every Arturia synth, but I do not have access to use the synhts directly, just Analog Lab.
        I would be interested in hearing from anybody installing Analog Lab Intro now, how much space it takes on the HDD.

  2. Arturia is doing a Flash Sale on their website for the upgrade! You can upgrade Analog Lab Intro for 39€ to Analog Lab V! So if you are quick, you get a 5€ Plugin at PluginBoutique, register it to your Arturia Account and get the Upgrade offer. Analog Lab V for 45€ is a no brainer, right? :D

  3. I upgraded to Analog Lab V for just 19.40 euros. I just added it to the cart and a day later the price changed. I do not know why, but I am glad

  4. Sorry to spoil, but it’s free without any purchase on the arturia site itself. So this plugin boutique offer is useless 🙈

  5. Ah, presets, and lots of presets. This reminds me of AAS Swatches with better pro synths plus some additional but limited editing knobs (No ADSR). Upgrade to get 2000 presets? 500 presets for free are good enough for me. I’m better off buying the DX7 etc since they are now 50% off instead of owning more presets I will never use.

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