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VSTBuzz is offering the liftFX virtual instrument by BOOM Library at just €23 right now (retail price €87). That’s a massive 74% discount! The offer is valid till February 14th, 2022.

liftFX is an application that allows you to create build-ups and risers for your music productions with total control over the final output instead of depending on pre-existing samples.

This plugin has been designed as a cozy middle ground between spending long hours building your transitions from scratch and using pre-existing uneditable samples. liftFX provides you with 275 presets, which act as your starting point for creating your own sound.

You can use the application as an instrument track in your DAW, and the first thing you do is select a preset; you can hear how it sounds by playing notes on your MIDI keyboard; the note you play is used as the root pitch for the effect.

You can set whether the effect would build up as the note is sustained (denoted by the bar in the center) or if it would start strong and power down. There is also an option (Automation) to maintain the same strength as long as a note is sustained. Choose one progress setting based on what kind of transition you want to make – from high-energy build-ups to softer sections or vice versa.

Next is the pitch range; this will decide how high or low the note would go as the effect builds or decays. liftFX uses the tempo setting of the project you’re working on, while you can use the duration setting to define how long the effect takes either as increments of a measure or in milliseconds. You can then use the parameters to fine-tune the output as you need.

There are four parameters for every preset, and each preset has unique ones. You can edit each parameter using the mod wheel on your MIDI keyboard. It is possible to set the parameters to be dependent on the note’s status on the progress bar. And you can also make the parameters both directly and inversely proportional to the progress.

If you wish to change the preset without resetting the progress and duration settings, you can lock the settings and change the preset without wasting any time resetting. Finally, there are highcut and lowcut settings which can also be set as dependent on the progress bar, or you can just put a fixed value depending on the use case.

Here’s a quick demo and walkthrough of the plugin:

liftFX is available on both Windows and macOS in the VST2, VST3, AU, and AAX formats. It is a lightweight piece of software that takes only 115 MB of disk space. There is a free trial that you can use before buying the plugin.

Note that you need to use iLok License Manager (both machine and USB activation are available) for this plugin.

Overall, liftFX is an excellent tool for quickly creating build-ups and adding transition FX to various electronic genres. At just €23 ($26), it’s certainly a steal. But the iLok activation can prove to be troublesome for some users (imagine losing your USB stick or laptop with all your licenses!).

More info: liftFX (74% OFF @ VSTBuzz)

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