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BABY Audio recently released Magic Dice and Magic Switch for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store. You can download both plugins for FREE in the AUv3 format and run them on any device with iOS 11.0 or newer.

These freebies were earlier launched on macOS and Windows and gained popularity. Now they’ve been ported for Apple mobile users to make use of them as well.

Magic Dice is an intriguing echo/delay plugin that uses spacy and unorthodox reverbs and modulations to produce some whacky and powerful effects.

There is only one control slider that determines the ratio of input and modified signal in the output. With the absence of any controls for the effect itself, the delay is entirely determined by random chance.

When you click on the Magic Dice interface, it generates a new delay effect based on the same engine as the Spaced Out plugin by Baby Audio; you can keep spawning until you find something that fits your track the best. Since you get a unique result each time, it’s great for experimental music with spacey delays.

Here’s what BABY Audio has to say about their mobile apps:

“The idea that you can make music anywhere, with the same device that is already in your pocket, is the kind of thing that gets us excited for the future of music production. And we’ll be designing future products with both desktop users and mobile users in mind – whether that means doing the same thing for both platforms or offering different workflows.”

Magic Dice has a gorgeously simple UI. The button in the center of the square UI has a fitting representation of a die. It looks fantastic, it’s easy to use, and the bypass button lets you compare the generated effect to the clean audio.

Magic Switch is a single-button chorus effect that colors your sound and adds an authentic character to just about any track. It’s a super simple effect but a really fun one to play with.

As with Magic Dice, this plugin has just one slider for adjusting the mix. The effect is preset and cannot be altered – it has vintage vibes with a rich and slightly detuned nature. It’s based on Baby Audio’s Super VHS plugin. The plugin was inspired by the Juno “one-button” effect from the ’80s.

Baby Audio is joining the portable music production revolution with these two releases. Many new mobile-friendly plugins and apps have been released, which makes it easier to jot down some cool ideas on the go. As an Android user myself, I hope that they launch these for both mobile platforms.

Download: Magic Dice / Magic Switch (iOS)

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