Freebies, Competitions & Sitewide Discounts In Loot Audio’s Spring Sale


Loot Audio announces the Spring Sale, offering discounts and special offers on Kontakt libraries and sample packs. Learn more about the best deals, freebies, and giveaways currently available at Loot Audio.

Loot Audio has been around in different forms for over a decade. Some may remember it as KontaktHub. Others may remember it as Sampleism.

Either way, they’ve been in the business longer than most, specializing in Kontakt Instruments, Plugins, and Sample Packs.

With their Spring Sale now in full flow, there has never been a better time to get stuck in and see what you can find. They have offers from some of the biggest brands and developers (such as Soundiron and Baby Audio) as well as wonderful niche libraries from independent sound designers (like Beautiful Void Audio and Synthmagic)

While deals like 80% off Ergo Kukke’s Trails and 60% off Pitch Innovations’ Fluid Pitch are a no-brainer, it’s the OMNIS Bundle that blows the rest out of the water. If 70% off a bundle that expands over 20 products, with more being added upon release, isn’t enough, purchasing this bundle automatically enters you into a raffle to win a brand new 16-inch Macbook Pro worth $3899.

If budget is your concern, they’ve got you covered on that front too.

Just by signing up for their newsletter, you’ll be entered into a giveaway to win a free copy of Sound Particles Pro (RRP $990).

It’s also a little-known secret that while also offering a 3% return on every single purchase in the form of store credit, Loot Audio has a large selection of free products that can be downloaded directly from the site. In fact, there are over 100 free products mainly concentrated in the Kontakt Instruments and Sample Packs sections, with a few free plugins up for grabs, too.

Here’s a quick list of our top 10 Freebies on Loot Audio:

  1. Trailer Ambient Tools – Wavelet Audio
  2. Caleidescope – Soundethers
  3. Indigo Waves – Klang
  4. Deep Conjuring 2 – Beautiful Void Audio
  5. LM Free – Beaotic
  6. Minimalistech – Beatluxe
  7. We Love 808 – Simplosive Sounds
  8. Glitchedtones Sampler – Glitchedtones
  9. Gatelab – Audiomodern
  10. Frcture – MNTRA x VAMPR

You can find all the freebies in each section by clicking the links below:

Make sure you are logged in, then click the ‘Claim Freebie’ button. Next, visit your account and go to the freebies section to view and download your claimed freebies.

The Loot Audio website is split into sections, so it’s easy to find what you are looking for, and each section has two specific URLs where you can find Latest Releases and Current Deals in list format for easy viewing.

For example, the latest Kontakt releases can be found here, and current Kontakt deals can be found here. Each list can be sorted by clicking the column titles so you can easily find the specific label, discount, or the price you are looking for.

With over 1,000 Kontakt Instruments, 5,000 Sample Packs, and an ever-growing collection of Plugins, there’s a lot to explore, so we created the ‘list view’ to make it easier to browse the site.

You can access each individual section of the site using the large buttons, and once inside a section, you can further filter and browse using the menus.

You can find out more about Loot Audio here, and you can follow Loot Audio on socials to stay up to date with the best deals coming out of their spring sale!

More info: Loot Audio

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  1. Accusonus ERA Bundle Pro v6.2.0 + VoiceChanger is freeware now.
    If you have an Accusonus account you can download the installer and you dont need any serials.

    • Not a lawyer, so grain of salt and whatever…
      Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think that makes those freeware. It’s only a way to comply with some laws that state that software can’t be limited in use if servers are used to authorize and the company folds. I know, most software companies don’t comply, and-or use the fact that some software is unsupported at the time not to comply. So, good on them to not forget their users, like some companies do.
      But I would wait for a more official statement before shouting YAY! \o/ and say freeware. Hope they’ll consider it, tho.
      TL;DR: Yeah, don’t think so.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Hey Gery, thanks for the tip! I’m trying to get in touch if these are freeware now or if they simply offered downloads as a courtesy to their existing customers. I saw that the installers were shared online, but I want to be sure that the offer is 100% legit before announcing it here.

      • That’s a good idea Tomislav! You don’t need a serial number anymore, even if you own only one plugin you can install and use the whole package .so I thought it’s freeware now…

        • Tomislav Zlatic


          Yes, definitely a bit confusing at the moment. I reached out to Accusonus and I’ll publish an article about this as soon as I have any official info. Thanks again!

        • Just a guess, but since you can’t create an account on their website, and you need to login to get those installers. Still sounds to me like it’s a way to give their users with online registration an option to bypass this in case of need and a way to save money on keeping a server for this.
          Pure speculation, but it could also mean they will eventually set it free at a later point, when the “year of support and updates” is done. (see FAQ)

          • Tomislav Zlatic


            Hey MRG, that’s a very good analysis. I think you’re right, but still waiting for the official response from Accusonus.

            • Official and clear statement would be preferable, of course.
              Just wanted not to give false hopes to people. Or at least, if they come across those “installers [..] shared online”, that they use them, or not, in knowledge of the situation.

  2. Cranky Curmudgeon


    So I’m probably in the minority here, but personally, I was a once-HUGE fan of the old KontaktHub site. I feel the old KontaktHub site was the last incarnation that didn’t sacrifice functionality for the sake of modern UI hipsterism. Sure, the new Loot Audio version of the site looks hip and trendy, and it’s probably mobile-friendly, too, but I don’t download Kontakt libraries using my phone. I use my desktop. Always. And there have been just so many persistent desktop UX issues over the years (mostly niggling annoyances, but after a while they sure add up), that it’s just not worth it to shop there anymore. For me, at least. Anyway, that’s just my own story.

    • Cranky Curmudgeon


      I think they rolled a few different sites together into Loot Audio, among them was KontaktHub, probably Sampleism, too, but I hadn’t tried that one before.

      • Based on business advice I have seen on The Wire, I am always a bit vary about sites/devs changing their name ;-) But Sampleism was really good IMO, one of my fav sites for samples back in the day, I liked that site better than Loot Audio now

  3. I click the ‘Claim Freebie’ button and nothing happens. I tried both Chrome and Opera. Anyone experiencing that?

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