Get 1.6 TB Of Field Recordings For $20+ (Free To Use Sounds)


Free To Use Sounds offers the All In One Bundle ($25+), which features 1.6 TB (yes terabytes!) of high-quality field recordings and sound effects in WAV format. The first 500  readers to use the code BPB at checkout will receive a $5 discount.

I wrote about Free To Use Sounds several times in the past. Marcel Gnauk (the field recording mastermind behind the project) is now a friend of mine, but I was blown away by the quality-price ratio when I first saw his website. It seemed too good to be true.

This was two or three years ago. I was searching Google for thunderstorm sounds and found the Free To Use Sounds website. I loved how their sounds were captured in various exotic locations worldwide, but I was skeptical about the price tag.

Over a terabyte of field recordings for just a few bucks?! I couldn’t believe the offer was legit.

So, I sent an email using the website contact form to investigate if this was a genuine product or if someone was re-selling stolen sounds. It turned out that the offer was legit and that I stumbled upon one of the best sources of high-quality recordings on the web.

I also became friends with Marcel, who shared his story and released a few free sound libraries on 99Sounds (my free sound design label).

So, what has changed in the meanwhile, and why is Free To Use Sounds in the BPB news section again?

Free To Use Sounds now hosts all of the sounds on Gumroad. You can get the complete bundle in one convenient package and keep it secure on your Gumroad account. There’s no need to worry about backing up the sounds, as they are backed up on the server. There are no download limits or restrictions, either.

You will also get free updates. Marcel travels the world with his girlfriend Libby and captures high-quality field recordings in various locations, from cities to beaches, deserts, and jungles. The libraries feature everything from room tones to crowd sounds, busy streets, rain, thunder, wind, you name it.

And here’s the best part. Each time a new collection is released, you get access to download it.

It’s also worth pointing out that these aren’t some amateur field recordings captured with an iPhone. Marcel is serious about using the best possible equipment to record sounds.

As of recently, DMS recordings are included, making this collection an excellent choice for anyone who wants to mix in atmos. They also provide VR recordings using the Rode NT-SF1 ambisonic microphone, ideal for generating unique sound effects or ambient recordings for video games or any spatial audio post-production.

So, with a one-time payment of $25 (or more if you want to support Free To Use Sounds with a more significant donation), you get free access to all future uploads featuring new sound recordings from around the world. The collection currently contains 1.6 TB of royalty-free sounds, with over 10,000 recordings.

We also have an exclusive offer for Bedroom Producers Blog readers! 🥳

Redeem the code BPB at checkout to get a $5 discount on your order (only 500 coupons are available). 

If you want to hear more about Marcel’s story, I recommend following his YouTube and Instagram channels. It’s inspiring stuff, and it shows how much your life can change for the better if you take the risk and follow your passion.

More info: Free To Use Sounds ($25+, use coupon code BPB to get a $5 discount, 1.6 TB of sounds in WAV format, free updates)

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Tomislav is a content creator and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief here at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. How and why is that stuff free? I mean, what else do you do to actually make a living to being able to give this out basically for free?

  2. i already purchased the complete library on bandcamp about a year ago, but i noticed that bandcamp was not the best platform for keeping a lot of samplefolders there, it was not very good in overview and took long times to load the pages of folders.
    plus there was no updates with new recordings, the library stayed the same size of the moment of purchase.
    (i wonder if freetousesounds changed platform because of the disadvantages of bandcamp for hosting samples, or if it has to do with the changes that are happening at bandcamp.)

    so i purchased the whole pack now again on gumroad, which is really ok for the price that it costs.
    thanks for the discount and thanks for the huge and nice library.

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Gumroad is a far more suitable platform than Bandcamp for this type of collection. It makes downloading much easier.

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