Gospel Musicians Releases Pure Synth Platinum 2 FREE


Gospel Musicians offers Pure Synth Platinum 2 FREE for macOS and Windows.

Gospel Musicians are a team that creates plugins and educational content through their popular YouTube channel.

I’ve never used Pure Synth Platinum 2 or any previous versions, but I’ve been familiar with the YouTube channel for a while and should have tried it out by now.

But, what better time to jump in than when it’s free?!!

Before getting into the plugin, I want to give the YouTube channel just a few more words. Being a good Gospel musician typically means you’re a monster player. So, even if Gospel isn’t your go-to genre, these guys have a lot to teach, particularly about voicings. Whether it’s a Gospel Shout or Neo-Soul, the voicings and phrasing techniques are transferable to other styles.

This freebie is a hybrid rompler synth with 128 analog presets and 108 Analog Modeled Wavetables.

The GUI shows four tabs at the top, Controls, IFX (Insert FX), Reverb, and MFX (Master FX). After the tabs, you’ll see the Mixer icon.

There are six sections in the main view (Controls): Oscillator, Modwheel, Amp, Filter, Control, and LFO.

The Oscillator section offers four oscillators and many types that you can layer to create your sound.

The Amp section provides a 5-stage AHDSR envelope with an adjustable velocity curve.

In the Control section, you’ll find various play modes, including Poly, Mono Retrigger, Release, etc. You’ll also see Delay, Glide, and a Color section.

The remaining sections, Modwheel, Filter, and LFO, bring no real surprises but provide everything needed to feel like your sound design isn’t restricted. I think that’s pretty clear from the start with the availability of four oscillators.

It appears to be a pretty powerful synth, and it’s too deep for a short news post, so I want to focus the attention on the sound before wrapping this up.

The free presets cover various Keyboards, Leads, Pads, Basses, Brass, and more. What I’ve heard so far is great, particularly some of the funky leads that are ideal for Gospel, Funk, Neo-Soul, or Hip Hop. You can, of course, create and save user presets. As a free synth, it’s one I’m excited to explore further.

Gospel Musicians offers a wide range of expansions should you want more presets.

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Pure Synth Platinum 2 Free Player is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows. It also runs in standalone mode and is now iOS compatible.

Download: Pure Synth Platinum 2 Free


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James is a musician and writer from Scotland. An avid synth fan, sound designer, and coffee drinker. Sometimes found wandering around Europe with an MPC in hand.


  1. This is great news, I have been aware of GM sometime, but their plugins have been priced outside my range.
    A bit annoying that Mac and PC version is not split in downloads, but jumbled into one, the Mac installer is almost 2GB and I will not be using that, so wasted bandwidth.

    • Just DELETE the MAC Installer bro.. I assure, and PROMISE you that THIS is a fkn (free) deal you do not wanna miss from >>>GOSPEL MUSICIANS!! The reason WHY i say this is bkz >>>they have some of THE most TOP NOTCH MIX READY Synth, & Bass plugins this is a factoid. >>>>I purchased their ‘BASSALICIOUS’ vst about a year or so ago. I had problems intalling it bkz their platform was a bit unique, different from all others so it confused me to a deggre. I had been trying to 2 weeks to install the (sounds) and i got a lil peeved, frustrated bkz i knew it was a POWERFUL, maybe the best (imo it’s best, one of the TOP slept on Bass vst romplers for hip hop, Trap soul, R&B, Trap, even EDM, Drill etc). So after messaging their product support & getting no help within a respectable time frame i was INFURIATED and i left a pretty nasty message to their Reps which i didn’t mean to send bkz by then i had cooled of a bit u feel me.. I thought i deleted the message right, but some how it went thru and bkz the OWNER (Jamal) took offense to my message so >>this douche bag redacted/REFUNDED my $50 dollar purchase of their dope Vst (Bassalicious) which i FINALLY had caught on SALE as u said from those HIGH a** prices they’ve been charching for YEARS unrelenting, rusing to offer (better) deals, & opportunity to get in their eco system. So Jamal TOOK BACK my serial ##’s under my Email, Sub account and returned my funds to my credit card..>>>BUT the kicker is after feeling bad about the sent message I BEGGED, PLEADED, & APPOLOGIZED reapetedly for Jamal to NOT refund my $$$ bkz i REALLY wanted that Bass Vst, in fact it’s so DOPE i still have ALL the files, sounds, Plugin etc on my hard drive (and it was HELL gettn it all set it mind u bkz of their JUICE coding format used) bkz i planned on buying another license after i got over being pissed how they did me. But to no avail he took it so personally he damaged his BUSINESS, $$$ by not appeasing the customer over his HUMONGOUS ego smh. But the UNIQUENESS & QUALITY of their plugins i had not heard before, & still yet to hear MIX ready with no processing plugins that are so DEAD ON with HIGHLY usable sounds that cover a plethora of different genre’s u feel me.. Now i have’nt used the Pure Synth Platinum 2, but what i HEARD of >>>>>>it was one of the BEST, dopest Synths particularly favoring Black community artist creative needs, Hip hop/R&B etc which i desperately had been looking for for years.. The creator & owner (Jamal) by the way is (Black American) so i wanted to support MY people involved in TECH bkz its RARE to see a Black DEV with such a great product to boot as well which is why i initially choose to give it a try.. >>>>>I AM SHOCK, & AMAZED to say the least to SEE PSP2 not only on a sale deal, & affordable price, but FREE!! I said, this can’t be true bkz he was CHARGING $200/250 for and people were buying, spending that.. I don’t think he’s doing very well with SALES as of recebt times, which is why i believe he FINALLY caved in/PSP2 and gave it up for free!! >>>TRUST, if you don’t get it NOW there’s no telling when (Jamal) will give such an offer on one of his BEST plugins bkz THIS is the FIRST time in YEARS i ever seen him offer ANY of his products (aside from phone app versions) for such a low price which is now free.. It’s still MESSING MY HEAD UP bkz (Jamal) is very TIGHT!! He KNOW’S how great his plugins are.. But as i told him while apologizing, after beggin him to forgive me & allow me to keep my product serials bkz he’s supposedly a (Christian) heavily into Church, hence the company name “Gospel Musicians” that he would eventual LSOE business, rub people the wrong way bkz WE (producers) ARE THE ONE’S putting $$$ in his pocket, food on the table etc.. And tho i was wrongful in the message i sent, i told him he should reconsider bkz it was honestly a mistake, & i didn’t mean to send that uglymessage that was sent.. >>>He stood adamantly STRONG, STUBBORNLY & would not hear me.. I see now it has HURT his bottline and SALES have to be hellishly BAD for him to be offering up PSP2 for free, bkz prior he would NEVER dop such a thing u feel me.. <<>dope when they TREATED me like a step child, & as angry as i was i STILL kept the account bkz i knew GM’s products were made for, & with Black artist in mind, as the DEV, owner Jamal is a Black Man.. So even thoi felt disrespected, i’m still no (dummy) feel me.. >>That’s how GOOD the Bassalicious Vst was, and i can almost assure that PSP2 is just as dope bro!! The sounds, & wavs are vast, and HIT RECORD, RADIO ready on God.. I’m also EXCITED bkz as i said, i KEPT the sounds from the “Bassalicious” Vst rompler in which i believe you can use/ the sounds from Bassalicious work IN PSP2.. So i’m downloading this for various reasons.. It was a HEADACHE to get installed, but not really at the same time, i just got a bit impatient, agravated etc at GM’s different platform approach which was awkward to say the least.. >>THO i believe that they have IMPROVED it over the past year or 2, so i’m hoping for a much more transferrable installation process this time lol smh.. So there you go bro.. If you think i’m BSing GO TO YOUTUBE & pull up the tutorialon PSP2! You WILL CHANGE your mind FAST asfk i can guarantee it brother.. I don’t want you to MISS OUT on this GREAT opportunity bkz it’s a 2st time, RARE, unseen occurance of (Jamal) to offer THIS vst for $0.. He is a VERY talented DEV, and COMMITTED to EXCELLENCE in the way he approaches creating, coding his Vst platform.. >>>And that’s probably due to him, Jamal himself being a great MUSCIAN!! So HE KNOWS MUSIC from the ARTISTIC/ARTIST side feel me.. He knows WHAT is needed that others with less invested into the CRAFT, aren’t true muscians, and are more on the TECHY side vs creative artist side.. YET his coding, plugin style is unique, efficient, and gets to the bottom line.. U will NOT be SEARCHING for 5, 10,15, 20 minutes for the right sound facts.. He puts a SOLID effort into ALL his plugin products.. So it won’t be a waste of time bro.. Hell, i’ll cash app u $50 dollars if u think it’s garbage bkz that’s just how much i believe in Jamals products, plugins etc.. I was VERY IMPRESSED to sat the least (especially being a BLACK dev, plugin maker which i hadn’t seen thus far) when i took the chance bkz i had NEVER heard of him/them prior to my purchase, and had found him/ GM’s on a YOUTUBE tutorial by chance just rummaging around!! AS is said bro just deal withg the headache, download and “delete” the MAC stuff.. It was the SAME for me as i remember correctly.. But i have pretty DECENT internet service/speed/modem.. BUT i agree that the download proces IS TIMELY!! It took me like an HOUR, maybe 2 or so to install the sounds.. The plugin itself wasn’t that bad/hard to install, it was them d*mn sounds ahah.. But that just goes to show the QUALITY their made of u feel me.. But it IS WORTH EVERY SECOND i assure you.. U will never own such SYNTH as PSP2 that DELIVERS in the ways it does.. As i u can see my testimony, even tho i had an initaillay BAD experience as a customer.. I am STILL no fool, and know i had my hands on what i like to call a “SECRET WEAPON” that most producers do NOT know about.. The sounds, plethora of wavs, and NO MIXING NEEDED at all, in the box ready to bounce is what kept me open tho i was pissed, & still am if i were telling truth bkz (Jamal) allowed his emotions to come in between business u know. AS long as you didn’t assault me physically i care less about u cursing me out in a Email bkz my product download was confusing.. He should have known that it wasn’t a ‘typical” install and showed me a bit of grace for the misunderstanding.. But NOW since he is offering PSP2 for FREE i may just go and repurchase BASSALICIOUS!! Normally priced at $99 but $50 when on sale.. I’d advise you STRONGLY to copp Bassalicious as well bro.. ANY kind of BASS from A to Z.. There’s NOTHING, & i mean NOTHING like it on the market believe when i tell u bkz i own MOST of the best plugins in the market.. I am (47), have been producing for over 30+ years, & have no wife, no kids feel me lmao.. >>So i get to SPEND ALL my $$$ on myself interest aside of Bills .. So I KNOW MY CHYT bro just to give u some contest, so u know my KNOWLEDGE, musical EDUCATION is of MASTERY level.. >>>>I’m no NOVICE to this Vst plugin/Music producer industry chyt to say the least.. So TRUST me bro and do what i was saying fam.. Best believe u WILL thank me later!! Or punch yourself in the mouth for not listening <<<<ahahah that's a fact! Well i'm off/ON my way to my GM account to make sure i atleast get the free deal on PSP2 so i can download it when i get the time, chance etc bkz this is KRAZY! That chyt (PSP2) is SO GOOD i can hardly believe he is releasing it on God i swear bro i'm blown away. As i said, he's either doing very badly in sales, or he's either doing so WELL (made so many sales/ so much $$) that he finally can afford to be a little generous.. EIther way i'm more than GLAD he's giving this GEM of a Synth up for free.. If i were to compare it's level of quality to another Synth Vst plugin i would say it's extremely similar to Uhe's "DIVA"!! & U know that mfz dope facts ijs tho..

    • Bro?>>If you don’t get ANY of these plugins being offered today on BPB for free the PSP 2 IS the one you want to “waste” ur time on period.. The GOOD/benefits highly outweigh the draw backs i assure you.

    • Dammit!! Smfh.. THE SPECS don’t match up to my personal PC’s CPU.. I run W8.1, but u need 10 to run PSP 2 fk ahah..

      These are specs for PSP 2 bro just so u know before u take my advice.. I’m running an i5 CPU, & also don’t have a SSD drive.. I’m still getting the free offer tho so when i get my lap top with the corresponding specs iown it already bkz again, there’s no telling when it won’t be available, & most likely for long time frfr.

      Runs in Standalone and/or VST/AU/AAX
      Does not use iLok and No iLok Authorization Used
      Internet connection for the license activation
      Supported Operating Systems Mac OS X 10.12+ / Windows 10
      Mac M1 Native Support
      Solid State Drive (SSD) Required
      8 GB RAM or Higher Required
      i7 Processor or Higher Required

  2. After I signed up and registered the free product, I recieved 8 (yes, eight!!!) emails from them AND they gave my email to license spring, which sent me a 9th email.

    If that’s not spamming, I don’t know what is.

    And worst of all, they don’t even tell you in advance that the download requires 2.53 GB of disk space, it’s nowhere in the specs…

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