Gospel Musicians Releases Pure Synth Platinum 2 FREE


Gospel Musicians offers Pure Synth Platinum 2 FREE for macOS and Windows.

Gospel Musicians are a team that creates plugins and educational content through their popular YouTube channel.

I’ve never used Pure Synth Platinum 2 or any previous versions, but I’ve been familiar with the YouTube channel for a while and should have tried it out by now.

But, what better time to jump in than when it’s free?!!

Before getting into the plugin, I want to give the YouTube channel just a few more words. Being a good Gospel musician typically means you’re a monster player. So, even if Gospel isn’t your go-to genre, these guys have a lot to teach, particularly about voicings. Whether it’s a Gospel Shout or Neo-Soul, the voicings and phrasing techniques are transferable to other styles.

This freebie is a hybrid rompler synth with 128 analog presets and 108 Analog Modeled Wavetables.

The GUI shows four tabs at the top, Controls, IFX (Insert FX), Reverb, and MFX (Master FX). After the tabs, you’ll see the Mixer icon.

There are six sections in the main view (Controls): Oscillator, Modwheel, Amp, Filter, Control, and LFO.

The Oscillator section offers four oscillators and many types that you can layer to create your sound.

The Amp section provides a 5-stage AHDSR envelope with an adjustable velocity curve.

In the Control section, you’ll find various play modes, including Poly, Mono Retrigger, Release, etc. You’ll also see Delay, Glide, and a Color section.

The remaining sections, Modwheel, Filter, and LFO, bring no real surprises but provide everything needed to feel like your sound design isn’t restricted. I think that’s pretty clear from the start with the availability of four oscillators.

It appears to be a pretty powerful synth, and it’s too deep for a short news post, so I want to focus the attention on the sound before wrapping this up.

The free presets cover various Keyboards, Leads, Pads, Basses, Brass, and more. What I’ve heard so far is great, particularly some of the funky leads that are ideal for Gospel, Funk, Neo-Soul, or Hip Hop. You can, of course, create and save user presets. As a free synth, it’s one I’m excited to explore further.

Gospel Musicians offers a wide range of expansions should you want more presets.

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Pure Synth Platinum 2 Free Player is available in VST, AU, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows. It also runs in standalone mode and is now iOS compatible.

Download: Pure Synth Platinum 2 Free


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  1. This is great news, I have been aware of GM sometime, but their plugins have been priced outside my range.
    A bit annoying that Mac and PC version is not split in downloads, but jumbled into one, the Mac installer is almost 2GB and I will not be using that, so wasted bandwidth.

  2. After I signed up and registered the free product, I recieved 8 (yes, eight!!!) emails from them AND they gave my email to license spring, which sent me a 9th email.

    If that’s not spamming, I don’t know what is.

    And worst of all, they don’t even tell you in advance that the download requires 2.53 GB of disk space, it’s nowhere in the specs…

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