SampleScience Releases FREE Retro Cazio Rompler Plugin


SampleScience just released Retro Cazio, a FREE sample-based plugin that’ll satisfy your thirst for throwback sounds!

Take me back to the ’80s!

Retro Cazio is modeled after the MT-100 (check out the SynthMania demo video below), a synthesizer originally released in the early ’80s that featured 20 presets along with an analog drum kit. Think sounds that could be used interchangeably with an ’80s pop hit or a children’s cartoon.

The popularity of artists such as Purple Disco Machine and even Dua Lipa shows the resurgence of disco and other ’80s sounds in modern music. The Retro Cazio offers a true gem for producers who want to add those iconic sounds to their tracks!

While the original MT-100 was a synthesizer, the Retro Cazio is a rompler that plays back high-quality recordings of the original. Technically, this plugin lacks the same variety of synthesized sounds as the MT-100 but it makes up for it by including an array of modern, modifiable parameters to help you create the perfect sound!

At face value the presets included might not seem like chart-toppers but there’s real potential for those willing to experiment. Fortunately, this plugin makes it very easy to do so!

It has a simple user interface featuring 20 classic preset sounds such as organ, piano, oboe, horn, etc. Additionally, there’s a set of easily accessible knobs to control basic parameters like attack, decay, sustain, velocity, reverb, and even glide for those of you who want to add a subtle background melody or epic key solo to their track!

If you’re looking to take control and dive deeper into sound design you can add an LFO and choose your wave type, filter, voicing, and more.

It only took me a few minutes of messing around with the parameters to get some really enjoyable and unique tones. Presets such as cello (#15) and vibraphone (#17) hold up well when played at lower octaves and could be used as thumping house bass lines.

Also, the drum kit included contains a few great samples that could be layered in with modern kicks/snares. For those seeking a dance electronic vibe (think Rufus Du Sol), the tom and perc would be a great addition to your drum track!

Bottom line, for those looking to add ’80s flair to their music, the Retro Cazio is a truly great addition to your plugin arsenal. Plus, it’s hard to beat the price!

The download and installation process is very straightforward. Click the link and you’re given the option to donate, choose an amount then input your email, select your operating system preferences and you’ll be given a download link. Once downloaded, drag the file into your computer’s plugin folder and you’ll be good to go!

Retro Cazio by SampleScience is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS. Only 64-bit plugin hosts are supported.

Download: Retro Cazio


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